Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

This blog is getting pretty solid in hits compared with the other blogs. It has a good territory to cover. The left side of the Horseshoe comes down from Makaha to Kapolei. Kapolei and Kalealoa is the bottom and going up to the North Shore is the right side of the Horseshoe. The territory is developing into a good dance territory which will be including Night Clubs.

“Computers have enabled people to make more mistakes faster than almost any invention in history - with the possible exception of whiskey and hand guns”

The biggest problem is that not too many people are aware of the functions of Web sites and Blog sites. But dancers are not stupid, they can and are learning daily. They can address the Webmasters and the Blogmasters with the same question. What can you do for me.? And there is another factor to take into consideration. There are five times more Blog sites created every day than Web sites. Anyone care to differ with me?

We are all learning that it going to get worse with the Rail Debacle. Many of us believed it some time ago. Makaha residents fully realize now that at one time they could take the #93 bus at six in the morning and be at Honolulu Hale by 7:30. The Rail Disaster will never beat that in a million years and they will never see that again, ever, Rapid Transit? Big Joke Now!

Thanksgiving and I'm alright.
"I own a Bank full of faith and trust
I have a Mine of golden memories.
I have many Shares of Love, Hope and Charity
And I still have a million dreams for tomorrow."

Monday, November 16, 2015


"What a person believes is not as important as how a person believes."

The invitation for Nov. 20, 2015. -


7:30 P.M. – 9:50 P.M.



 "If the world seems cold to you, make the effort to kindle fires to warm it."

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Rumba?

There seems to be a greater number of dancers dancing the American Style Rumba on the Waianae Coast and all the way doiwn to Kapolei. But of course, the DJs in the West know the good music very well. And there is plenty of good danceable Rumba music around.

“We cannot undo anything we have already done, but we can face up to it. We can tell the truth, we can seek forgiveness - and then let God do the rest.”

Ten years ago World Music released CDs called Forbidden Cuban Music, and one of the series was the Rumba. The brilliant Cuban musicians featured did not know of or cared about Arthur Murray -- Fred Astaire or any Dance Council's concept of what a rumba is. They played the rumbas as the energetic son music of their ancestors.

 "The Meaning of Aloha (Aloha Oe)" by Loyal Garner

Some of the material in these CDs have been given critical acclaim. In some cases they have confused the world more. But it really has asked the world to take a second look at the music and their interpretations of the music. If dance is a physical expression of music, some review by Hawaii Rumba dancers is long overdue.

"Begin The Beguine"  by Artie Shaw

So if everyone uses the Rumba - Mambo - Salsa basic (known for centuries in the Caribbean) instead of either one of the other two schools of dancing, the rest of the step patterns remain the same. Solution is at hand for the American Style Rumba and that is new alternative method which is actually the old original basic.

"What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing, it just waved." 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Nothing seems to be going on the upper left of the Horseshoe, Waianae and Makaha. I am glad that things are moving a little in the upper right of the Horseshoe. Waipio all the way up to the North Shore. It moves slowly but surely.

“Yes, we all make mistakes, so let us just put all of them behind us. We should
regret our mistakes and learn from them, but we should never
carry them forward into the future with us.” 

And all of us should acknowledge the good efforts in Dance Fever Oahu and Frank's blogs in spreading the good word around for the benefit of the reader/dancers. And they cover so many places not available to us. Most of us do appreciate.

 "Honolulu Blue and Green" by Melveen Leed

Town Dancer is still in front by a wide margin and now that I may be leaving I am planning the independence of the blog. Dancing Nights will be next because it already has one Guest Author and I just have to get one other. The other five, I will take with me and see what I can do with them. I would like nothing better than to see Platinum Horseshoe go independent.

Higher Ground" by Jennifer Rush

The miracle occurred at the Kapolei Shopping Center. Sam Stone and Walter Wood watched a curvaceous blonde pass by.  Stone turned to Wood, Wood turned to Stone, both turned into rubber and the girl turned into a dress shop.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


From Aunty Maile 

Just a Reminder!


Saturday, October 24, 2015!


Wahiawa Recreation Center, Hale Hookipa room.
(Kilani ave.) doors
open for dancing at 6:30 p.m. - 9:50 p.m.potluck or monetary donation appreciated.
dress up in your best halloween costume! prizes for the 3 best costumes! most scary, most comical,

Good Music by DJ Leland
 Good Dancing All Night! Good food! Good fun!

The blog hits are zig zagging up and down all over, but the net result is going up slowly, which is just fine with me. They had dropped considerably in the big readjustment but now has a little better definition. The need of all the blogs is more information contributors willing to share dance information with our fellow dancers.

Pole Dancing? The only pole dancing we do at our age is holding onto the safety bar in the bathtub while taking a shower.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rumba in the West

By Philip Mirikitani, Waipahu

Back in the days when Arthur Murray knew everything about dancing, he liked the rhythmic bolero, danzon, beguine music. but he felt that the American dancer would never get that hip action and he was wanting to create his own dance.

"Only hungry minds can become educated"

He then created the slow, quick, quick box basic with the slow over the first and second beats and the quick, quick on three and four. Most of the others steps and patterns he copied from what he saw in the native dancers and made his own syllabus. Of course he had his own ideas to contribute and made changes in many of the original steps. It was pretty natural to understand that the entire thing was his creation - and a masterpiece.

 "Green Eyes" by Jimmy Dorsey

Along came Fred Astaire and he didn't want to argue with anyone and used the same box in his studios. Naturally Arthur did not like that and he took Fred to the courts and he won. Fred would not be allowed to use the Arthur Murray invention.

"Por El Amor De Una Mujer" by Julio Iglesias

So Fred responded by using the guaracha quick, quick, slow starting with side together step. This puts the slow step over the three and four count. And he got away with it. Although the Arthur Murray box does not make more sense musically Fred Astaire owned the U. S. Ballroom Championships and the quick, quick, slow box became the recognized American standard for competitions, and more people dancing American Rumba started this way. Although in Hawaii, the standard is the Arthur Murray version.

Fortunately, the "Alternative" basic is seeping into Oahu. The closest thing to it is the International Style basic. A rock step and a slow step, with the lead breaking on the accented beat,1 or 2. All the rest of the steps and pattern follow easily enough as long as you are both dancing the Rumba. The Alternate basic is used more often in the Night Club circuit than in our regular social club dancing.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Right Direction

We have so many people in the process of learning about blogs it is getting to be fun. Many of our readers do not know much about Web Sites and even less about Blog sites.  Even fewer than that know what Social Media is. In fact, I don't know that much either and I have been doing this for 20 years.  Fortunately we are all learning at a nice pace, it will take time.

"Every single thing changes and is changing always in this world.
Yet with the same light the moon goes on shining."

The blogs can cover many subjects and in our case it's, "Of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers."  This includes the "Wheels" that are supposed to know everything.  In Social Media, for instance, we are definitely not breathlessly waiting to mark our calendars for next years bash, whatever it may be. The reader/dancers of these blogs are interested in this coming week. Next month? Later for that, Jack, much later. This is our blogging and it is current.

And that is why we are still in the process of forming the method of getting the best dance information for our reader/dancers. We will make our own rules and getting the appropriate opinions is a very difficult  thing.  Some would rather not share their pearls of wisdom. But this is "blogging," a horse of a much different color and we are going in the right direction.

We are still beating the bushes for some signs of dancing on the Waianae Coast and for now there is some line dancing but they may prefer to keep it private. They tried Salsa at "Tacos And More" in Waianae but not enough clientele. Now a few places are thinking about a "Latin Dance Club" There are an awful lot of people in the West that can dance Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Merengue and even Tango. This blog still remains everyone's chance to get your two cents in from anywhere