Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feedback Slows

The feedback from the Moanalua Corridor has slowed to a crawl and the hits show it. It is now in the mid forties and from experience it may go into the thirties by next month. At present the only feedback we have gotten is from Elk's Lodge and Fleet Lounge. And that is only once per month.

"One of the greatest discoveries that people make, one of their great surprises,
is to find that they can do what they were afraid they couldn't do."

We are hoping that one of the studios, one of these days will see the light. and give us some feedback. Then there is the possibility of a new dance club in the upper Moanalua Corridor. The upper Corridor is wide open. Specially that lately there is so much action going in the bars and nightclubs.

Meanwhile, our newbie, Oahu -West blog is rolling. With Kapolei Chapter HBDA getting in the news with write ups and photos, and Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club giving us feedback and having their doings posted, it is moving. A couple more months and they will catch up with Moanalua Corridor. Hits mean readers and that is the name of our game.

"Disco Inferno" by Trammps

The Wednesday Pau Hana Dance: The old Tea Dance
possibly revised in the Moanalua Corridor.

Right after work, from 5 to 8 or 9, Happy Hour but less drinking, more of everything else, dance, eat, socialize. It would help to remove the midweek stress effectively. After an exhausting working day, you need to eliminate your stresses. Such can be accomplished by focusing on something you love doing and will keep your mind busy. For a moment, nothing else matters when dancing. You have a tendency to forget everything else and concentrate on what you’re doing.

It will broaden your circle of friends. It’s in an atmosphere conducive to your interacting with people that share the similar passion that you have, and potentially make lifelong friends. There’s something always to discuss when everyone hangs around together. Others simply expand their current circle of friends. And then there are also people that find romance on the dance floor. In our social-cultural environment, it is all up to you. An extra would be the freeway home, - a piece of cake.