Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Plot Thins

We are getting very little information from the second most populated area next to Waikiki. But an old club HBDA has a chapter in Kapolei that is now the largest chapter in the organization. They communicate and are known not only in the west but over the entire island through their blogging.

"The only journey worth taking is the journey within."

Take a peek into the Oahu - West blog and you can see their latest write up and photos. That sends the hits on Oahu - West going through the roof.  That means people are reading it. It does not hurt that they also have some of the best teachers of the American Style of dance. All you have to do is click the name on the side bar and the blog will appear like magic on your screen.

Moanalua Corridor is coming down in hits and Aloha - West is going up in hits. Somewhere in the next few months, Aloha - West will overtake Moanalua Corridor. They coulda been a contendah. So the entire dancing scene in the West is changing for the better.

While you are at it you could also look into what Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club has to to contribute in the same blog. Terrific pictures, beautiful posters and we just need a little more written information. But they are also getting to be very prominent on the Ballroom scene in the west. They have discovered a beautiful new place for a Dinner/Dance at Halemano Plantation. These people are leading the way to the North Shore.

"Time After Time" by Placido Domingo

With Line Dancing getting started in Waianae, can social-recreational dancing be far behind? Ewa will have something before the end of the year. The South West Shore may come into prominence. For now most do not know what social-universal dancing is. It ain't Ballroom anymore.

Meanwhile the Professional Studios still think in terms of Web sites. So difficult for them to make good communicative use of our present blogs. Eventually they will learn. Blogging will make a big difference. Probably occur on the Waianae Coast when they get their first Social Dance Studio.

Some are getting their own Web or Blog sites. But it is only for show, if you do not need to know how many people read it. If you have no counter you will never know nor will anyone else. Quite simple but you make the decision.