Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Slow Down

Yes, it is definitely there. Moanalua Corridor at its peak (when Jim Brierley was in) was in the sixties in average hits per day. So many nice people were being added to the readers. I was beginning to think in terms of second place. During the latter part of last year it went down to the fifties. Now, that we do not have the dance news or photos readily availiable in that sector the hits are down in the forties.

"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still or worst."

The counters are not the complete answer of course, but they do convey some very important data. We shall see what evolves. The Elks Lodge and the Fleet Lounge seem to be still remaining but we are not clear on that. Communication implies two way, and our blogs are not Web sites, so they are specifically set up for two way communication.

The Dance scene continues very nicely in Westgate in the upper Corridor and at Ige's 19th Puka. Now if we could get some news from the three Studios or any one of them. We could get something going for the Moanalua Corridor blog. Otherwise, the future looks bleak.

My limited experience in any kind of blogging gives me a little eye opening data. Blog sites (which usually do better than Web sites in hits) go through the first month at less than 10 average pageviews per day. And it definitely has to do with the amount of blogging that is done. Once a week will probably keep you at less than ten. Those with a little news and twice a week, you can hit 15 to 20 average hits per day.

"Manha De Carnaval" by Placido Domingo

My own personal blog at once or twice a week gets 12-13 pageviews per day. I have two new ones that have trouble going over 20. But the two are dance blogs and for test I limited the intros that I made for the others. I want them to make it on our Links only. Then too, those two have limited Information contributors and no Guest Authors. With a little more time and a Guest Author, they will hit the magic 34/day equal to 1000 hits for 30 day month.

Struggling to get to 20/day

Town Dancer our top blog averages over 134/day equals 4000 hits for a 30 day month. Oahu And Beyond comfortably in the seventies. Web sites of course rarely have "breaking" news and many are not always updated in a timely fashion. So their hits in the dancing field are not as high as blogs. But since few of them have counters it is difficult to know.