Friday, March 30, 2012

Dance Sociology 101

For the students of Sociology among the reader/dancers of this blog.
While the Creative Researchers And Producers were a clique of the definite lower class in disorder in town, there was another rival clique developing too, Da Rootzi Tootzis. Now that the Creative Researchers And Producers are losing much of their clout due to the blogs, we have to start working on the Rootzi Tootzis specially since they have their eyes on the West too.

"The sad truth is most bloggers, even those who incessantly work on monetization
strategies, end up sitting around the few dollars a day mark and find it difficult
to rise above this level. Blogging is not money."
"Da Rootzi Tootzis" are a hypothetical group of relatively small size, same as the Creative Researchers And Producers but that are dominant within the larger dance society, having a privileged status perceived as being envied by others of a lower line of disorder.

On the island of Oahu, Da Rootzi Tootzis have two distinguishing characteristics, one, is that they are in a higher financial level than others and two, is that they dance the "correct" way. By default, everyone else dances "incorrectly." They are the inventors of the long ago used term, "Junk Dancer." And that comes from the International Style of Dance which is for competitions and really something else.

"With A Song In My Heart" by Frankie Laine

The elite at the top of our social dance strata almost invariably find themselves in a position of leadership, whether it be expected or volunteered, and often subject the holders of elite status to pressure to maintain that leadership position as part of the status.

And yet very very few of them on our Oahu dance world really know much about "dancing." We can expect the dancers to take back the control and it will only be with the new blood in the Moanalua Corridor. This section of town is wide open for a new dance structure.

The average hits per day are down to the thirties which is bad news. I expect at least one information contributor and one guest author. If we do, that will put Moanalua Corridor back in the running as a viable blog. We just gotta be patient. Any new groups out there?

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