Monday, March 26, 2012

Music and Dance

Dancing in the West
By Maria Cervantes, Waimalo

The social dancers of West Oahu may not have an intricate knowledge of all the music for dancing. But they do have a good idea of sound and that requires experience. They will accept that some syncopated music is fine for listening but for dancing not worth a hoot.

Another blog on the bottom of the hit chart. Just need an information contributor is all.

Dance Music as with other types of music is rich in sentimental imagery. The melody expresses the mood of the music, the words add romance and excitement. By making each dance adventure an emotional and physical experience, the dance takes on a new meaning and provides the dancer with greater enjoyment.

"Listen to music and notice silence the way you would notice
the landscape in the background of a painting."

We could have less of this bang, bang, bang, one after another non stop kid stuff. Let us savor our silences with our socialness. The newer DJs are on a learning curve and are getting better all the time, for the kids one thing for the "older" social dancer another.

"Push" by Matchbox 20

Photos for Web sites or Flicker are far different that photos of blogs. In blogs they are few and every bit of space counts. Singles, doubles and triples should be out. In some blogs, fine, that is them but not for us. In our experience four in a pinch but the preference is for five, six or seven dancers. Over that is a crowd and that is important at times. Then no names are necessary. I am also at the point of including only the first names, we are all friends already.