Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nip And Tuck, It's Close

In the Moanalua Corridor I found two HBDA chapters without Web Sites, Pearlridge and Aliamanu. I offer our Public Relations whenever they are ready. the cost is zip, zero, nada. Then they can match the news that goes into our blogs compared to any that are out there on a Web site. Each type has its own contribution to the PR scene.The ultimate decisions are made by the reader/dancers. And that is why we have a counter, we want to know if we are just beating our gums.

Calm in Chaos: In the midst of the flurry - clarity. In the midst of the storm - calm.
In the midst of divided interests - certainty. In the many roads - a certain choice.

Kapolei Chapter, HBDA remains a beacon of light for the entire dancing scene. They have regular information contributors, and I am invited to the socials. They are already getting recognition in the Philippines and they keep Oahu - West alive. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club is coming in strong and that helps the entire Central Valley scene. I had never heard of Halemano Plantation before as a dinner/dance location.

The only others that we have going in the Moanalua Corridor are the Fleet Lounge and the Elk's Lodge. We have not had a write up contribution from either one in a while, but then Da Spin Doctor has his own Web site. So we can leave it at that. He has some terrific write ups in the Oahu And Beyond blog. Check'em out.

To find that Dance Studio in Pearl City is a problem. I read about it awhile back then lost the string. Perhaps it just came and went. For sure there will be a Studio in the new Ewa shopping center that is just shaping up. But then the entire enchilada seems to be moving further west. But the social entertainment is still "city." So be it for now, it too will change.

"How High The Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

There are over 20,000 potential dancers in this area, that end up going to Honolulu to dance.  And not very often because it is so far. "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." And very gratifying that they are settling on the American Style of Social Dance.

Very acceptable and melds very easily with the night club scene. We are fortunate to have some of the best American style teachers on this island. Now we just have to find some places to dance, with some good music and a better atmosphere.

Central Valley is again leading the bottom three. Moanalua Corridor got stalled in these last few months but it shall rise again. Oahu - West is trailing badly but then not enough action there yet. It too shall rise. Just need another good steady information contributor. Dancing anyone? We go wherever we can help. Dancing is our game.