Thursday, March 22, 2012

Should Be Better

This blog with the second best concentration of residents next to Waikiki is just about in last place in hits. The best function we had this week was at the Elk's Lodge in Pearl City and I was not able to attend. But no news from anyone else either. It will take time to understand.

"If the big shots in social dance think blogging isn’t educational, they may need to have their heads examined. They should be seeking out every dance blogger on this Island and giving
them special kokua to blog more — and giving them extra credit in their classes."

There is some action in the Corridor but difficult to get someone to share and they have every right to do as they please. Meanwhile, there has to be something new coming up that we can share with our fellow dancers. Let me know and I will try to follow it up by splashing them in our blogs in living color.

The Moanalua Corridor covers from the beginning of the Moanalua Road in Pearl City and going all the way to the end in Salt Lake and even includes the Moanalua area. That new studio that is looking for free public relations, or the new dance club in process of forming and how about line dancing? Swing, Salsa, Tango?

Those that wish to keep it private, we must respect. And we will be patient for the ones coming up to bat. Pearlridge already has enough bars and semi night clubs, so Pearl City is the one over due and they could get people coming from Waikele and Waipio. It has been a pretty fast pace for the last ten years. The next ten?

"Sh-Boom, (Life Could Be A Dream)" by the Chordettes

Of course we have been patiently waiting for some action further West into the Oahu - West territory which is also wide open. Night Clubs, Studios, Dance Clubs, Line dancing and any of the other Peripherals. Eventually we will cover most of them and we are thinking all the way to Makaha.

Dance Fever: A benign illness that hits most every
Social - Recreational dancer in varying degrees.
"Just Gotta Dance" There is no known cure except
to just dance it out.

Floors: Yes, nobody know anything about floors. Why is that? I am trying. and came across Duofloor which is the only reversible dance floor available that will accommodate all styles of dance, from dance using non-percussive shoe styles such as ballet, modern and jazz to dance using percussive shoe styles such as tap, flamenco and Irish – as well as everything in between.
The surface of Duofloor gives just the appropriate amount of slip resistance to make it a truly unique multipurpose floor that accommodates the widest variety of dance styles. Duofloor is an excellent choice for ballet pointe work as well as a great floor providing crisp sound for tap. It just doesn't seem like what we need for Recreational dancing.

Pub's Side Note: A good example of the kind of blogging we look forward to is Richard in Town Dancer blog and also in Oahu And Beyond blogs. Good coverage of the evening dance action. Hopefully we will get a couple for this blog too.