Sunday, March 4, 2012

Still in there.

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Now is the time to live out your passion. - Transform the moment into an event. - Get into Dancing for fun. - Explore what is known only to a lucky few. - Share the body movement with your partner to music, be passionate about it. - Exercise your body, dance a fast Salsa like there is no tomorrow. - Build something of real value for your entire life and increase your own energy.

Then, take a good look around and - pause to enjoy the flavors, the colors and the textures of the Social-Cultural Dance Scene. There are so many nice people , it can make it easy to be nice to the world around us. This is our world and we deserve it, don't you think?

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

This blog is now headed for dead last and already passed in hits by Oahu - West. The others are catching up too. All we could do is try with Elk's Lodge and the Fleet Lounge. But now apparently things are changing there too. Perhaps a dance studio and a new dance club would do it. We must be patient. We should know in a couple of months. This blog may be turn out superfluous..

West Oahu and our blogosphere readers are gradually forming into a loosely and fiercely independent group of dancers wanting to invite more people to join them in their indulgence. And the Social-Recreational scene is merging very nicely with the Club Dancers. The class level of these people is rising and we are getting fewer of the chintzy lying gossipers.

Financially the range covers the ones paying only the minimum required for fun to those spending big bucks to become the best dancers they possibly can. Whatevah, these are good people and they are getting better all the time and with a side aim of wanting to help each other. As always we do not exclude anyone and always let them make the first move, so if we have skipped over some organizations and people, perhaps they can join us later.

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