Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Blog Pau

It has been very carefully explained to me and I understand perfectly. The ones that can use the help of the Moanalua Corridor blog already have Web Sites that are racking hits up to the heavens. Stands to reason and this blog has had over two years to run which has been enough time.

"We cannot hold a torch to light someone's way, without brightening up our own."

So I have decided that Moanalua Corridor will be phased out and and I will use it as a test blog to learn my blog design. In my other tests, most dance web sites will have ten to 20 average hits per day. I believe Kapolei gets about 15 average hits per day and for being new and way out in the sticks, that is pretty good. It will eventually get to the 20 hit mark as the best dance web sites do.

So that when Moanalua Corridor gets down to 21 -22 average hits per day, it will be deleted. The reader/dancers will have made the ultimate decision. But it shouldn't be so bad. The territory can be taken over by Oahu - West and that should be a dilly, from Makaha all the way down to Mapunapuna. Wow! It looks very promising to  me, but what do I know?

Anyone that does not have a web site will be more than welcome. With the new dance club coming into formation in Ewa or Aiea, plus one night club, and we already have the Elks Lodge and the Fleet Lounge it should be rollicking good blog. I know I repeat myself but in blogging the reader/dancers are the ones that make the rules.

"To Love Somebody" by the BeeGees

For sure Oahu And Beyond is really taking off. I look forward to a couple of information contributors and perhaps a Guest Author. The hits will go through the ceiling. They are now well known in the neighbor islands, only need the first contact. And of course no one can even hope to touch Town Dancer in hits.

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