Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Sunday Edition

As long as I have this blog that is on its way out, I may as well experiment. what do I know? And as most of us are aware, Web sites are set up very meticulously and then updated periodically whenever the Web Masters are so inclined.

"Opportunity is sometimes hard to recognize when we are only looking for a lucky break."

I am going to try to set this one  up also on a periodic basis, but every Sunday, The new blog will be known as The Blogosphere Weekly. It can update news on the other blogs and cover whatever dancing action we can get for the coming week. I already have some hits so I may as well take advantage of them. I may have short additional in the middle of the week.

Then perhaps we can get some information contributors that are willing to get their feet wet for all the blogs. We will continue with our guide, "of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers" and of course this does not include all the dancers. We don't have room for everyone and our blogosphere has been developing for some time.

"Wishin & Hopin" by Dusty Springfield

It requires only one thing, the desire to help our fellow dancers. And  blogging is what we do best. We don't have any registration fees, or annual or monthly meetings or dues. And everyone does pretty much as they damn well please. Those that choose to be excluded will understand that it was their choice.

It is pretty simple. And the total hits on our blogosphere keep going up and as our people have more access to the internet and get more knowledgeable on its use, they will tune in and tell their friends too. Town Dancer is no longer on the front burner of going independent. It will be joined by Oahu And Beyond and we will see which one becomes the first independent.

"We build too many walls, - and not enough bridges."

Then there is Mister Blogger himself, Calvin who with his wife Debra will be attending Blackpool. The hits on Town Dancer will go through the ceiling of the top floors on all buildings. And meanwhile I have work to do with the blogs in the West.

Pub's Side Note: Oahu - West will hit 5000 hits in May, 10000 total hits in August! Not likely?