Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Competitions?

From Carl Higuchi, Pearl City

American pop culture in the '90s offered up movies like swing-themed "Swingers," and retro big bands on the radio. Americans, quick to latch on to a trend, hit the dance floor. Suddenly they understood what their grandparents already knew, organized dance moves could be fun, and a great way to meet the opposite sex.

"How pervasive are blogs today? Three of the top 10 social networking sites measured
in a recent Nielsen report on the state of the media are blog providers —
Blogspot, WordPress, and Tumblr."

A few years later, ABC began airing Dancing with the Stars, the reality show in which has-been celebrities paired up with professional dancers. The show's ratings soared. Popular films like Shall We Dance? the Mad Hot Ballroom and Take the Lead have fueled the fire. The Hawaii dance studios were roaring with a good men/women ratio. And then someone sensed that something was going wrong. Some have hinted of too much of a good thing. Competition, competition, competition.

"The Tennesee Waltz" by Theresa Brewer

With all we have read on the subject, not many people have gotten the point that the regular social/universal dancer is the important one. Anyone can move in joy and the young do that very often. Unfortunately as they get older they learn to subdue their inclinations.

But moving to music is quite naturally different, as anyone can see when some person with earphones on is trying to keep from moving in public. The music is first and foremost with a Universal dancer. Then is when they want to move and they want to move differently to different music. In the disciplines they can dance full routines with nothing but a metronome. And they look that way too. These blogs will hopefully evolve for the social/universal dancer.

This blog will get some action when more people realize that they are indeed social dancers.

Pub's Side Note: Where is that new dance club forming? If you don't have a web site, blogging may be the answer. We will give you all the PR we can give you. Write ups. your photos etc.