Monday, April 16, 2012

The Prospects are there.

Though the Dance Guide blog has been deleted, we cannot give up on Moanalua Corridor just yet. Too many good people in this sector. First, there is the Elks Lodge and the Fleet Lounge covered very nicely by Da Spin Doctor and we just need a few more people aware of having a little fun on a Tuesday evening in the West.

"OK, I’m starting a blog. Why shouldn’t an officer of a public company start a blog?
Hey, life is short. At some point, take all this to its logical extreme, and this is how we’re
all going to be communicating anyways. Think about it." ~Jonathan Schwartz

Then we certainly need an information contributor of the doings at Ige's19th Puka. All in the same area. There is some dancing in the Westgate area but strictly for the younger crowd and I have been informed, "We don't have your kind of dancing." Clear enough for me.

Fortunately the old school club dancers are very receptive of dance step changes. And Rumba is the best since they do not dance much of it. The Arthur Murray schools use slow, quick quick: 1-2, 3, 4, for the basic movement in a box step. This is called "square rumba" in England.

Arthur Murray took Fred Astaire school to the courts for using "his" square basic and he won. Then Fred Astaire used the Cuban Guaracha which uses the rock step and applied it to his square in a quick quick slow: 1, 2, 3-4.

"How High The Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

And, of course, the International style has the 'slow' spanning two bars: 2, 3, 4-1 (with the hip movement on 1), which is more like the real thing. Cuban rumba was accented on the 2 count. Victor Sylvester, being English, covered the international style in his book, very well.

Few published books cover the American style since the Murray and Astaire chains seem to like keeping their syllabi secret. Club dancers don't have to worry about anyone's syllabi. Though we must have some conformity in order to be able to dance with each other.

From, there we need some information from the two studios in the Corridor but both seem to be satisfied that there is a wealth of information sharing with their Web sites - their decisions. And of course, we have hopes that the various dance clubs will decide they could use a little PR "in addition to" their regular steady sources. We anxiously await the ones that do not have a Web site. Those we can really help to get the word around.

"Sentimental Me" by the Ames Brothers

This is all starting to evolve in our cultural dance using the American Style of dance as the base. Dance Guide was deleted on Monday. I had stripped it of all the doodads, so people wouldn't count on them. Now the entire blog is gone, - there may be another time, another place.

Pub's Side Note: How about the rock step and slow step for the rumba basic? Break wherever the accent is and just go with the rhythm. Easy as pie and the ladies are wonders, they follow very easily.