Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reviewing the Bad Stats

Dance Guide blog is on its way out. And the decision was made on the Monday the tenth of this month. It should be officially deleted this weekend.

"It should feel genuinely good for your counter to get hits from your blog — you should
be driven by a healthy ambition to succeed. If your blog provides genuine value,
you fully deserve to earn all the hits your get from it." 

Now I have had time to review the stats of Moanalua Corridor and there has not been much improvement. So we have to keep trying for a solution. Perhaps there is someone out there who has a suggestion

Please be advised that we are not asking for "support" as you see the word bandied about in Blogs, Web sites and Newsletters. If you are interested you will read. If you are not interested you will not read. It should be whatever you wish it to be, not some kind of commitment. Our blogs are meant to help the reader/dancers and not be an obligation.

"Jumping at the Savoy" by Count Basie

We are into dancing and provide dance notes regularly like most dance magazines on the mainland. We also try to cover the festive occasions and take photos of the attendees, and the happenings with a nice write up of the entire affair. We have tried to enlighten the classes too, but that seems to have the element of interference and backfired in some way. That has now come to a screeching halt.

The suggestions are out there, let's have them. It is for the good of all. I hate to see Moanalua Corridor go the way of Dance Guide. But as per our requisites, the reader/dancers will make the decisions and we shall abide by them. Moanalua Corridor could have a couple more months. We shall see.

If it so happens, then Oahu - West will inherit the section. They will have from Makaha all the way to Mapunapuna. Quite a nice territory.