Friday, May 4, 2012

The Stats and Aloha

I go by the Stats quite heavily. No hits and the blog can be deleted with the minimum of trouble. And through experience, I have found my first goal to be 1000 hits per month. So I must average better than 34 hits per day. And that is still not good enouogh.

"The hardest math to master is that which enables us to count our blessings."

2000 hits per month makes for a very good viable blog with a good ability to communicate to the reader/dancers. That translates to 67 average hits per day. And one needs information contributors to get there. One person blogging is not enugh. You need the synergy and most people do not know what that is.

I just don’t have the time to go to all these places and get the photos and not everyone wants in. And they cannot send me any photos either, so there we are. Maybe one day soon, our reader/dancers will realize that all you have to do is email a little information and some photos to share with our fellow dancers. No commitments only when you wish.

Anyway for this blog it is the end of the line, It got to the first goal only briefly and is now at 27 average hits per day. Not many will notice the deletion. Synergy will take care of the other two and all we have left to say is Aloha.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Phase Out Sure

Well, the reader/dancers have spoken. Many don't even know that they can still convey information by not doing anything. Anyone out there interested? There you are, not a sound. Proof enough, so I can plan on phasing this blog out too

"I read blogs every day, for all sorts of reasons, but I turn to blogs especially when I want to hear alternative viewpoints." ~Jim Buckmaster

Not really that bad, we have two blogs in town doing a great job. Town Dancer and Oahu And Beyond. And we will have two blogs in the West. Oahu - West will probably be the main one because Central Valley section is relatively new for dancing. And Central Valley will reach to the North Shore. That will take some time. We even got an information contributor from Pupukea.

All the numbers seem to point to an increase in "Social" dancers. The others are from the "to be seen" factions such as the Competition, Exhibition, Caberet and Acrobatic types. The social dancer has been dancing in District Parks, Community Centers, Malls, School Cafeterias and now they are now finding the Night Club scene very enjoyable and that will be expanding into the night clubs in the West.

Some of the Club Dancers are taking lessons at the dance clubs to polish up their movements so the amalgamation is already ongoing.  The Club Dancers will find themselves also attending dances at District Parks etc. The whole enchilada will evolve into one solid group and they will comprise over 80% of the dancers on this Island.

The other twenty percent will be the "to be seen" categories and the peripherals, Line, Salsa, Swing, Tango and whatever else comes up.  And there will be some standardization of the movements to facilitate the interchange of dance partners in any socially accepted dance. And of course "Fusion."

"Mack The Knife" by Bobby Darin

The elimination of many will come about naturally. Bolero, Paso Doble, Quickstep and the Viennese Waltz simply because there is no need. They will be relegated to the exhibition category. But the entire enchilada is looking hot.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Blogosphere - Mid Week

Our blogosphere is staying healthy, which means no more upswings. This is while the entire enchilada settles down again. I will probably not make any drastic changes for this year.

"The sad truth is most bloggers, even those who incessantly work on monetization strategies, end up sitting around the few dollars a day mark and find it difficult to rise above this level. Fortunately, we are not in it for the money."

Town Dancer blog will stay on top simply
for what they already are.

Oahu And Beyond blog is trying desperately to catch up
and it will take some doing.

Moanalua Corridor is no more and being supplanted temporarily by The Blogosphere Weekly. This is only experimental and the hits will rule. If the hits go up, it may be worked, if the hits go down, when it gets to 25 it will be deleted. Simple, cut and dried.

Oahu - West will be taking over the territory of
Moanalua Corridor and go all the way to Mapunapuna.

Central Valley will remain on the bottom and wait for further development. The residents of the section will be crucial.

So the important section for me is west of Mapunapuna. There are plenty of reader/dancer/residents of this section that have something to say to their fellow dancers. A simple sentence, a paragraph or even a small article. A favorite photo?

"With A Song In My Heart" by Frankie Laine.

Try it! Just email it to me. I can proof read it and make any necessary corrections. I will publish it and you can see the overall results. Almost guaranteed, positive, a win - win situation.

Pub's Side Note: Of course there is always the Comments Section at the end of each blog. Just write it in and follow the instructions. If you have a chance check out Richie's blog in Town Dancer. You wanna be there.