Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It is coming out

We covered the two top blogs last time and now we will cover the second and the third. Oahu And Beyond and Oahu - West blogs which are slowly going up in the hits, so they are lately being recognized by more reader/dancers in our community.

"Our visions begin with our desires. - Fly life on free wings, dance and sing to its glory."

Oahu And Beyond is fortunate to have Richard Sun contributing his good bits on the local live band scene. But unfortunately he spreads himself a little thin covering the scene in two blogs, Town Dancer and Oahu And Beyond. It has been a tremendous help to have Da Spin Doctor join us, because music has not been very well covered in any dance blogs.  We were long overdue. One more Guest Author and the hits will go through the ceiling.

"My Way" ... Frank Sinatra

As per usual, I can only fill in with my regular "to whom it may concern" babble but fortunately some of it is hitting in some good places. I am getting some good feedback. I wish it was more in the comments section so that it would be more visible to the reader/dancers.

There seems to be an increase in free advertising in many blogs and there will be more of them. This also includes any email newsletters and the private newsletters of the different clubs. We get hundreds of email flyers with devastating announcements but they are all "to whom it may concern." That is not our social media.

That is not for our blogs. Our blogs will be social media and it looks like it will take a while for that to sink in. Well, what is social media? We have been trying but very few pay attention. We will go slow, I do not wish to repeat myself too often. We will be patient.

"Strangers In The Night" by Frank Sinatra

So far our best bet for Oahu -West blog is Kapolei Chapter HBDA in Kapolei. And the results are being seen. They will be the largest chapter in HBDA history. But there has to be kokua from both sides of the street. And we get some good kokua from them.

There will be others when they become aware of what constitutes Social Media. But we must be patient. The next in line for Oahu - West blog will be to get Aliamanu Chapter and Pearlridge Chapter to kokua in like fashion since neither of them have a Web site. But they will contribute very nicely to the presentation of dancing in the West. The hits will go through the roof and the membership in these chapters will increase greatly. The proof will be in the pudding.

Pub's Side Note: Confidentially told to me, so I cannot quote. The reason that many of us are increasingly going back to the oldies but goodies is that 99% of what is produced nowadays is crap.

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