Friday, July 20, 2012

Old Blog Revived

We are getting quite a few dance blogs and since they are all different (good thing) then we must help all of them establish the differences with the proper description of each for the reader/dancers of these blogs.

"The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it
can do if successful. - A blog is what all websites want
to be, updated on a regular basis, containing content
that is of interest to a select or target audience and
is easy to update and change."

That could be the goal of "Da Blogosphere" and perhaps once or twice per week would suffice. Anyway it adds to the increasing knowledge of the our dance world by the already well informed dancers in the Pacific. And I am learning a lot about the entire dance scene too.

Town Dancer is our leading blog and as we look and read it, we more or less know what makes it so successful. Mainly, the blogging of Calvin and Debra Ota. And they cover the big "extravadanzas" Lotsa fotos, plenty of fun filled blog.

Then we have Richard Sun with his very interesting reviews on the live band action wherever he goes. There seems to be plenty of fans there. And he goes from Wahiawa to Waikiki. It has been an eye opener for the regular cultural dancer to read about so much good action in the live band area.

Then I fill in wherever with the usual "to whom it may concern" information, a carry over from my days of publishing "Dancing InThe Dark." The entire blog is gradually moving into Social Media. We need more comments, and Information Contributors. A couple more Guest Authors and I can prepare them for their independence. Some thing we have yet to see. But then the entire enchilada is something new and there are and will be many different kind of blogs.

Oahu And Beyond is the coming blog and gradually building up a hit structure to compete with Town Dancer. In the beginning it was almost an exact duplicate of Town Dancer but it is slowly developing it's own kuleana. It takes in the entire island at times, and a little of the neighbor islands. And due to the Spin Doctor blogs, we are learning and becoming more aware of the music we prefer to dance to.

So we need more of the usual comments, Information Contributors and with the additional Guest Author from a neighbor island, it will clinch the difference in the blogs. Not many people understand "hits" and ten years ago it meant access to your blog by anyone. It has several different interpretations now to reduce the effect of "bounce." We will cover this better in future blogs.

Clear enough, I put my email address in a blog and the offers of millions from West Africa came in. So I will have to delete Email address from the blogs and I have suspended the email at My email remains intact and I may be contacted there. Anyone that needs to contact me can also use the comments section in the blog.

Pub's Side Note: Just got notice from the Mainland on the terrible bus service in Hawaii. Must be on this Island. Here it has gone from bad to worse in the last two months. Doesn't bother the top people, naturally.