Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We just went over the ten average hits per day, (all legit) so this blog is slowly clicking in the right direction. If we do right we should hit 15 by the end of the month. The blogs are gradually establishing their differences which is just beautiful. We will be attempting to give a positive rationale for the differences as a guide for the reader/dancers.

"I act boldly - Standing in the inspiring vision of my future -
I take every step - large and small - with courage and intent."

We covered Town Dancer and Oahu and Beyond in the first encounter. Then we introduced Oahu And Beyond and Oahu - West. This one will introduce Oahu - West and Central Valley. We shall review the list over and over again from the entire blog set up and note the changes. The rationale for each blog will differ as we get more Guest Authors and more photos. Contributed photos in our blogs will be a big influence.

"Teach Me Tonight" ... Larry Chance

For now the order of precedence: Town Dancer, Oahu And Beyond, Oahu - West, Central Valley and perhaps we can include Dance Fever Oahu. Any other dance blogs are welcomed to get on the list at no charge, of course. A small poster in the side bar and an intro by them at the right time in the blog. We are informing the reader/dancers of these Islands. So for the next blog we welcome a comment or two from Dance Fever Oahu.

Oahu - West blog is in a state of reorganization since we dropped Moanalua Corridor and almost dropped Central Valley. The anchor remains, Kapolei Chapter HBDA and they are becoming well known even in the Philippines. Now I am working on getting Aliamanu Chapter and Pearlridge Chapter into the circle of recognition since they do not have a Web site. We just introduced the slide show and we hope to get some help and suggestions. Comments at the end of each blog are welcome.

In August, I will attempt to contact Dance Hawaii and see if I can include them in too. May be difficult since they already have a Web site. We are also receptive to any night club dancing in this section, but most already have Web sites and are covered by other blogs, so no need us. With the average hits per day comfortably in the fifties we will just cruise for a while then go for the 67, (2000 hits/month.)

"Close Every Door" ... Edward Reeker

Central Valley blog has more lives than a cat. Almost out several times and I am willing to try again. Originally set up for Dot's in Wahiawa and Just Tacos in Mililani and the social dance clubs around there. But everyone seems to have their own Web site or blog connections elsewhere, so all we get are "fliers."

"My Cup Runneth Over" ... Max Bygraves

The start anew will include the North Shore and concentrate on the coming social clubs in either Waikele or Waipio and give them the publicity. If we can get it going a little ways, then we will be ready for the Dance Pavilion at the Patsy Mink Recreation Park. And this blog will blossom. For now it is wide open for any resident of this section to just start with their opinion on the dancing environment. Photos? A very necessary part of the action. Groups are much better, they signify people, togetherness etc.

As per usual in our group, there are no registration fees and no annual meetings. No monthly dues or meetings. You tune in whenever you want, and contribute whatever you want and whenever you want. Yes, we are pretty strict.

"You Were My Story" ... Keith Miller

Pub's Side Note: Big article in The Saturday Evening Post. "The looming crisis in Mass Transit." or how to get people off their cars and onto public transportation. Honolulu just proved it. Auto Sales are going up. In the very, very crowded buses of today, everyone is saying the same thing. "Oh boy, when I get my car, I won't have to go through this crap." Honolulu don't know? Of course not, we are talking Big Big Buck Profits in the Rail. Billions and Billions of dollars.

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