Sunday, August 19, 2012

From Oahu And Beyond

Wow, Calvin's blog in Town Dancer was certainly a masterpiece of blogging for this entire Pacific Basin. Unfortunately it may hold some of our good candidates for Guest Author back. They know they will never be able to achieve such a work of art.

"When it first began, a blog was a simple online diary,
where the blog author would pen down his or
 her thoughts. This definition has evolved and
we will continue to redefine it, for us."

I can't, so let us face it, we are just an addition to this great blogging. It is likely that some of it may rub off on the rest of us and we will produce better blogging. And then we must fill in the empty days with items of interest to our readers. Together we will give the readers what they want day after day. So come one, come all.

We are also very much interested in helping the many good people in those dance organizations that do not have a Web site. Photos, dance information, and anything else that may be of interest to the readers.

Read the blogs, you can see a sameness in many of them. We need the differences of opinion in our blogs and you are the only ones that can provide that difference. Pick a blog, anyone you like and stick to it for writing and contributing photos.

"Be My Love" ... Placido Domingo

We must also recognize the great teaching by so many of our amateur teachers in the American Style of Dance. So many good dancers out there that have learned to dance the same movements over and over again in sheer joy. This definitely cannot be understood by the Rootzi Tootzis, never will. But you will notice that our dancers are standing up a little straighter.

Our blogosphere is just about as far as it can go with about 50% of the blog action on this Island. You looking for exact figures, I ain't got'em. But at 50% we have a good hunk. Now how do we get more? There is only one way.

The additional Guest Authors in the different blogs to make them definitely different and the gradual independence of each blog. Independence would guarantee our blogosphere going upwards to perhaps 75% of the action which should be quite enough.

Meanwhile, you gotta pic, five to seven dancers, email it in, we'll print it. Mahalo.

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