Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Looking Good

The stats are coming in very well. Blogger has some pretty good stuff for "each" blog. But I have to compile stats for our entire enchilada to see how it shapes up as a whole.

"Whatever it is you want, you reach a long way toward it if
you will combine your heart, your backbone, your faith and
your common sense and then stretch."

The "normal" curve seems to be there. The 20 percent on top that are "Gung Ho" for blogs, are able to see the advantage, and kokua to Da Max. Then there are about 70% "fellow travelers" that feel that it is nice, now let's get on with the dancing. Still a great group in the molding. Then on the bottom are the ten per cent that simply are not for blogs and we will do our utmost to respect their wishes.

"Spanish Eyes" ... Placido Domingo

Still the top blog on the Islands and with
two more Guest Authors, Independence!

The key ingredients lie in the Photo Contributors and the Information Contributors. Their favorite photo of five to seven people sent in every two months or so, is worth its weight in diamonds. Much more valuable to us than the thousands of photos available in Flicker, Photobucket, Picasa or Facebook. This will take time. The added comments to a photo would be icing on the cake.

Nothing doing but holding steady in hits.

Yes we get most of our information contributors from the amateur groups. Very little from the Professionals. And that seems to be just fine with the readers. The view from the Ivory Towers is much different in the courtyard and even more so outside of the Castle walls. This has really been a long time coming and dancers are not accustomed to it.

Picking up hits very nicely. The pictures tell the tale,
 even if I have to take them myself.

Spreading the word by conversation continues and it seem to be still the method of choice. Slowly the hits are increasing as more people realize the currency of the information and the fact that it comes from members of our "own group." I didn't realize it until recently, but this group is forming all on its own. And of course these are the people we will help the most. Stands to reason. I expect the top group to increase to about 30% by the end of the year. Could be 500 average daily hits. Not likely? Who am I to argue with you?

We are aware that dance clubs and other dance organization in the neighbor islands are pretty tied up in other commitments so we cannot ask them. However, individuals can still do what they wish to do. So we invite photo contributions, snippets of dance information and perhaps you can even think it over to becoming a Guest Author in the Oahu And Beyond blog. Most appropriate.