Friday, August 31, 2012

New Blog on the Block

Dancer -  West is coming in very nicely. It is not our usual Blogger blog. It is from But it doesn't look too much different than the others. It is short and sweet. We are ready to help anyone that is helping the reader/dancers in our group. The deluxe dancers do not need us so we can skip them and we are all happy.

I am still surprised to see the hits on all the blogs increasing. Not each one separately but the total hits on all the blogs. They all go up and down but the total on all the blogs gradually increases, day by day. I have a total of ten blogs in my personal  stats and only because they have counters. That is the only thing I need and use.

Just needs more places willing to share information with
the rest of the reader/dancers.

Now that we have got rid of most of the blog spam, we are settling to about 500 average hits per day. This represents 15000 hits per month. So we are communicating to the dancers out there and I cannot see the  point of diminishing returns just yet. It is there but all it takes is another guest author and the entire enchilada goes up.

One more Guest Author will get it over the top.

We get some photo and information contributors and that certainly helps but we need the one that can get in, write, post photos, publish and get out when they want to. No matter how you slice it, they get readers and that overflows to the others and it is called synergism. So one of you out there will be next and it will be for the good of the entire dance community.

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