Monday, August 20, 2012

Out of the Fog

Finally kicked the outside meddlers in this blog that were helping to screw up the works. Then I got Dance Fever Oahu to recognize the blog. Another step forward and the hits are beginning to move upward.

"A blog should allow anyone to share photos and information with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. This can also be important for those who are addicted to doing nothing. and isolated from others who share our passion. Any sufficiently advanced blog will be indistinguishable from its bloggers."

 Oahu - West is beginning to roll too. Needs to get rid of just one more junk hitter.

Da Blogosphere will be recapping the other blogs but it will have bits of other dance information too. So if you have a photo you think may be good for this particular blog, send it in with a few appropriate remarks and it will probably be published. Same thing for straight information covering dancing.

Central Valley remains dead even but nothing there yet so it is quite all right.

Any blogs that would like an exchange of links would automatically get a poster in the side bar, either your design or I will make one. Individually you can also send in information of the rest of our blogs. The main thing is let our gang know about our gang. And our gang is increasing day by day and remains in process. That is why we must evolve independent blogs and each one with several Guest Authors.

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