Sunday, August 12, 2012

Perking Up

Da Blogosphere is very slowly perking up in hits. It is an entirely new concept for our blogs so it will take time. I have to be patient. I have now gone into Twitter and Google+ to help introduce a little more dancing information to our reader/dancers. Frank Martin has opened an account with My Space and Linkedin to help promote the blogs.

"Never trust a spiritual leader who cannot dance".
~Mr. Miyagi, The Next Karate Kid,

For now we will just let it ride. The others are holding in the same plateau. The first ingredient lacking is the key photos. "Your" five to seven favorite people, with names, the dance occasion and the location. A few words for comment would be icing on the cake. Hits would go through the roof, guaranteed. We just cannot find anyone to share with our reader/dancers

Yes, I know we have 100 thousand photos available in Flicker, Photobucket, Facebook etc etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. Can you imagine the time it would take to do them justice. I am very busy. The Gold Mine photo still awaits our reader/dancers.

“Cupid / I’ve Loved You for a Long Time” ... the Spinners

Then, getting accustomed to sending in those very precious photos with a few comments and no real commitment, anyone is ready to become a guest author, but only when they think they are ready. We mustn't rush things.

Meanwhile we have almost lost all of the robot crawlers and spiders sent to screw up the works for us and this coming week will find us free and clear and moving up again. And we are beginning to make contact with the neighbor islands.

Pub's Side Note: "There is one studio that consistently puts out the best International dancers on this Island."  Yes, I put it in quotes. What do I know?