Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still Making it.

Da Blogosphere, the blog moving along quite nicely with the average hits per day increasing. This in spite of the junk hitters that we in process of losing. Good riddance.

Now that we have been writing in our blogosphere for a few years, I have come to find that blogging is a self-contained community that stretches around the world. Your blogging is your window out to the world, so that everyone can see in to your hobbies, interests, and passions. Each blog has its own persona sometimes joined by several others in a team and could be the nonsensical ramblings of the mind.  However, dancing is one thing that interests me and now I get to share it with the world, and not only that but the world gets to comment and interact with me.

Oahu - West now leading all the other blogs in
contributed photos by the reader/dancers.

Programmers now a days are taught to force their ways into others computer space. Old time selling is out. Just be careful out there, it grows more dangerous with time. No legal rules yet but there will be. The first one will be no forcing anyone to download others junk before downloading what you really wanted.

Still holding in the mid twenties, not anything there to post yet.
But we shall build it and they shall come.

I was just about rid of the junk hitters on this blog when they started to invade Town Dancer and Oahu And Beyond. Apparently the robots are able to contact the Side Bar Links. They tune in and the only contact I find is in the stats, their URL. Those that do not have a blog counter are somewhat lucky. No junk hitters to worry about.

This may eventually be the first blog to go independent.
That one future Guest Author will tell the tale.

I clicked to find out what, and it is just advertising. Not only that but if I click they think they got me and make more contact and of course help to run up the hits. These kind of hits are of no value to us. The best thing I can do is ignore them and hope they will soon go away. There have been as many as five but now down to two. The hazards of the trade but we will make all our hits, legit.

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