Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Emerging

Almost the end of the month but my data analysis tells me much. In spite of losing all those junk hits, the legit hits are holding up pretty good. All I have to do is ignore them. All the blogs are going up in hits from the beginning of the month.

    "Having been blogging for quite some time, I have come to identify that blogging is an obsession. A blog is a site
where ideas and opinions are meshed together."

The coming month should have us pretty clear. I am seeing some of junk hitters recede from the Blogger records. Hopefully we will be on solid ground with the start of the month of June. Fortunately Oahu - West seems to be leading in the submission of photos so they can set that pace for the others to follow.

"Dancing Fool" ... Tony and Company

Dancers are beginning to understand how the slide show is working and how we get the photos that go in there. I have no idea yet how many should be in there. I believe we have about 25 now and expect to go up to 30 in a couple of weeks. The readers will have a say so as per usual.

Then we could set one up in another blog. I have been knocking it around with a few people and the Oahu And Beyond seems to be the one. But then we have the side bar photo of the Good Teachers in the American Style to set up too. We should recognized the invaluable assistance of these teachers for all of us since the beginning.

Pub's  Side Note:  Many do not remember the days of the Big Bands. It was a name applied to large orchestras that were popular just prior to WWII. Could have three rows of musicians and six to nine in each row. Wow! Those days of the Big Ballrooms are gone forever.

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