Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Plot Thickens

I finally got partial results into my investigation of the Blogger Stats. It is pretty bad, and those that have decided on not having a counter have not missed that much. The stats are all goofed up. widgetbait, paid links, paid hits, blog spam, guestbook spam, excessive article directory submissions, excessive link exchanges and other types of linkspam.

"We must accept finite disappointment and
we must never lose infinite hope."

I will continue to work on my consolidated stats but I must take them with a grain of salt. Nothing will be conclusive, but it will be a guide. My efforts will continue to getting most references and hits from our dancing links. So for now it is about 10% bounce and another 10% in blog spam.

The robots can get on any blog and then pick up on any links, and send hits there too. Google uses them extensively for their crawlers and spiders. And there seems to be many others that have come and gone. I just got a new one that seems to have something to do with  google.

"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" ... Ray Conniff

So at the moment we just have to keep working on getting Oahu - West going and that is going to take some doing, even though they have a lot of terrain to cover. From Makaha to Mapunapuna.

Some things are beginning to emerge very clearly. Two different factions in Cultural dancing have been developing for sometime, everyone seems to know but no one seems to take them into consideration and we must. The Night Club Dancer, alcohol included and the purely social, alcohol excluded.

Non- alcoholic dances have about 75% of attendees dancing as non alcoholics. And Night Club dancing has at least 50% of the attendees dancing willing to have a drink. This has not been engraved on stone, and other opinions will be most welcome.

The groups will range from 50 to 100, Club dancers being the smaller, so the dance floor size must be taken into consideration. School Cafeterias seem to be about perfect for non-alcohol dances. They can accommodate over fifty very easily. This is not conclusive but we are getting there. We can use a lot more input.

Pub's Side Note: Need that back up computer? For those that live on the Waianae Coast, check in Nanakuli Ridge blog. Bargain price on an entire system.