Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yes, we are still on photos. Seems like it should be a rather simple matter but the opinions out there are very varied. I have had people, that really had no bad intentions, offer me their libraries of photos to use whenever I needed. I can see myself spending days going through thousands of photos to find the "right" ones for me.

"One difference in the faults of the young and ours.
They will probably outgrow theirs."

Now I will tell you of a real valuable photo. It is the one you got Saturday night at the dance with four or five of your good friends enjoying the dance environment. That is a blogging photo. One dear to you and your friends and probably your fellow dancers, whether they were there or not. That is not a photo "to whom it may concern." We are trying to establish social media here.

"Sunrise, Sunset" ... Perry Como

A blog with hundreds of photos is not the answer. There must be a balance between text and photos and even other graphics. I haven't found much information on this but I have gone through a little experience in the last ten years with several blogs. One, two or three people is of interest only to the photees, and it very possible that the need is somewhere. A very large group does not do much for blogging either. But a carefully prepared photo of four to eight dear friends is a gold mine to everyone concerned.

"Stranger In Paradise" ... Al Martino

Then of course comes the problem of having the people that own the photo share it with their fellow dancers in a blog. Most of the photos are taken with a digital camera, so it is not too difficult to email the photo to the blog of your choice. So mail it in, that one special photo that you like and share it with your fellow reader/dancers.

Pub's Side Note: It is becoming more evident that there is one studio that consistently puts out the best International style dancers on the island of Oahu. We are talking results not theories. May surprise you as to who is at the bottom of the pile. So I am a slow learner.

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