Friday, September 7, 2012

Rolling Again

I have a total of nine blogs and one Web site in my personal stats to keep me informed of the total picture. I use only my blogosphere and the few that have hit counters. I just use the total hits figure. The hits ebb and flow. When they are down, they depress me somewhat and when they are up it is exhilarating. They are on their way up now.

"A blog is not required to put a personal aspect into it. So that’s why there are corporate/organization blogs and they are not required to be open to comment. I still call it a blog even if it’s just a text file published on the internet, as long as it is updated and the content in chronological order.  And it not required to be updated regularly. I still call it a blog, a dead blog maybe, but still a blog."

The down town blogs, Town Dancer and Oahu And Beyond are leading everything else. And I know now that it is because of the Guest Authors. The different opinions are crucial to our dance social media. The coverage of the night clubs is very good and no one lacks information there. The blogging there seems to have the spirit of sharing information instead of what we have in our social dance groups. But we are accustomed "to whom it may concern" stuff, (a one way street) we just have not been much into social media kind.

Pub's Side Note: The two blogs above are not perfect but there is much to learn from what they are doing. And we keep score, though not perfect, with the hit counter.