Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Slide Show

A well organized slide show allows a presenter to fit visual images to an oral presentation but in our blogs we have no oral presentation so we must rely on the photos only. Then the old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" holds true, in that a single image can save us a whole slew of descriptive details.

"According to the Stats, one out of every five in the US
is somewhat unbalanced. Think of your four closest friends
if they are OK, then .... ?"

For now I will make all the choices of who or what goes in, but with time, we will spread it around so that everyone has the opportunity to get "their" opinion in. At the moment Kapolei has a head start on everyone else. Pearlridge Chapter is second and then I will be making contact with Aliamanu Chapter. Perhaps later we can get Mililani, all because they have no Web site.  Dance Hawaii will be a little tough because they already have a Web site.

Both blogs slide shows are much the same right now because both are in process of developing.  Our intent is that all the dancers know each other and we can surely help those who have no web site. Central Valley will gradually get more of the people that dance in that section. The others will dance in the bigger section and will probably have more photos.

So for now I have set the limits at 40 photos for Oahu - West and 30 photos for Central Valley, But of course this has not been engraved on stone. Each photo has been assigned a letter roughly according date, A (the oldest) and now up to E. I have been deleting the A's first to polish as I add more to the list. We will go with the flow and update regularly.

"The Godfather Waltz"  ...  Percy Faith

So for now the total recommended dancers in each photo for maximum efficiency will be my old standby of 4 to 8 people. Gradually we will change the presentation away from the peas in pod photo. We have had some goodies already and I am certain that we have some good creative photo takers and they are going to give us some dillies.

Eventually when we get more Guest Authors that can be converted to Administrators, then we can set up slide shows in each one of the other blogs when they are ready. Can be a nice game for our cultural dance crowd and fun is what we are all about.

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