Thursday, September 27, 2012

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I have been looking over the terrain to get Information and Photo Contributors and possible converts to Guest Authors. But it is pretty rough. None of them wish to make that "commitment," which of course is not that big a commitment. No annual meetings or dues, no monthly meetings or dues, and they blog whenever they damn well please.  Perhaps I am being a little too hard somewhere.

One of the prime blogs in need of a steady Information
and Photo Contributor

But now I am finding that there are some groups that do not have a Web site to handle their Public Relations. A perfect set up to join into a blog. Of course, a prime requisite is that you must read a dance blog first otherwise you do not have the foggiest idea of the possibilities. You will have to find the time.

Another one in need, to express a different opinion,
which is the heart of social media.

Then the possibilities become apparent and you will find communication with the reader/dancers very gratifying. The benefits are for everyone. You, your group and people, the reader/dancers of the blogs, the blog Guest Authors and everyone else. A win-win situation. The cost besides your time, is zero, zip, nada in money. If it is still too hard for you to see, relax, skip it and put it on your agenda first thing next year and keep dancing.

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