Monday, September 17, 2012

You want to blog? part II

There are two easy ways for the beginner to start blogging, and these are through Blogger or Wordpress.

 "You have two chances for making good without working - slim and none."

Blogger belongs to Google, and the content on your blogs on the Blogger site also belongs to Google. Blogger is not run from your own website, but from a site provided to you by Google.

Wordpress is a more advanced blogging option with a steeper learning curve. You can either have it hosted by Wordpress, in the same way that Google hosts Blogger, or you can host your Wordpress blog yourself. The latter is preferable because there are many Wordpress plugins you can use to personalize or customize your blog.

Once you  get the hang of how Wordpress works from your own website, then many think that is the better method. Links to your blog are then from one page of your site to another, and can be used as part of your internal linking strategy. Although Blogger is beginning to clear up many of the simple screw ups that have plagued them for so long in the last year.

What are blogs used for?
In business, to market your site and your products, but also to keep people in touch with what is happening on your web site. Use it right, and a blog can be the main tool you use to advertise your site, and you will no longer have to pay for advertising or other means of driving traffic to your site. A blog can do that job very well.

For our dance community it is just another opinion. "just?" The greatest value in blogging is the availability of various opinions. We then have Social Media, resulting in more educated dancers in our existing dance world on this island. Wow!

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