Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Trip to the Dentist

It was a busy morning but I got most things done, except my housework. I need some help there, I was ready by noon, computer turned off, back packed, and took a leisurely stroll to Kokua Mau. They were busy in the back, unpacking and packing some goodies for distribution.

"Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead."

But I did tell them that now I can copy music from you tube videos. Now, I have to find out how to burn the music to disks. It is not just a copy process. I am a slow learner but I do learn. Then I can make a few copies for my friends.  As for me I will not keep all of them for long. I am too old and there are too many. Just keep what make me happy for now.

"Y Volvere"   ...   Vicki Carr

Got the C bus a little after one and it was crowded. Lucky to get a seat. And it was soon packed. By the time we got ready to get on the freeway the loudspeakers were repeating. "Please move to the back of the bus." I arrived at the Kalihi Transit Center just in time to get the #2 bus. I was in time for my 2.30 appointment at the Dentist.

Aileen Ramos, Dr. David Breeze, Jared Christenof, Dr. Jennifer Hirata and Imelda Sagisi.
Nice people, I will have to get more fotos next time.

Through in a half hour, then waited for the bus for another half hour, Auwe! Went to Freight Merchandising and they just don't have the bargains anymore. Not worth it for the distance and the bus mess. I don't believe I will go there again. Took the next #2 to town and then got the #93 bus back to Nanakuli.

They can spend 50 billion dollars on the Rail, and they will never beat the #93 for getting me to Nanakuli and in comfort, that is sitting down. Every one of those passengers know that there are at least 50 cars missing right in front of them, because the drivers are on the bus. That is the way to get people off the streets and freeways by making public transportation "comfortable" Getting on a Rail sure as hell is not "comfortable." Yes, I know, it is not in their dictionaries.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Month pre-recap

It is going nicely but I do not really know what the results will be. I have added more blogs mainly to experiment in the dilution of the readership. Then I am taking this opportunity to help all the anti-rail people out there wanting to get Ben Cayetano elected Mayor. Does any one know what would happen if they replaced all the buses on the #40 line with tandem buses? Thousands riding and off the freeways and streets. Not the horrible mess we have now. The Department of Transportation suspects but the big big bucks are not there and the hell with those "ethnics."

"As I grow older there has been an alarming increase
in the number of things I know nothing about."

One of the best governors we have ever had would be for sure the best mayor we ever had. I did not say perfect and just said the best. For all you perfect people out there, I feel for you. So the results of my blogs will be in shortly after the election. The Romney people have purchased a very large block of voters and some is occurring in Hawaii too. One of the billionaires has stated publicly that he was willing to pay 100 million to defeat Obama and he is accustomed to buying people.

"Your Cheatin' Heart"   ...   Hank Williams

So we have too many blogs and the hits will tell the tale. Of course if we get a guest author or two, that will make a big difference as to which one stays. The hits will be there. Some are territorially bound which may or may not help. I do not know. But then nobody else knows either, so I have to find out the only way I know how.

Town Dancer remains on top followed by Oahu and Beyond. They are head and shoulders above the crowd. Dancing in the Dark, Central Valley and Oahu - West are struggling in the 34 average hits per day (1000 per month) The rest are out in left field.

I intend to give them time, but they must beat Nanakuli Ridge which is my own personal neighborhood blog and will take some doing. Nanakuli Ridge averages about 16-17 hit per day. So any of the others that hit over that, are almost certainly in. If not they are almost certainly out. I may include them all in the end of the month stats.

The are in order of hits from the top down. Ewa Plain, Nikaawa's Space, Dancer Not and Da Reel Teeng. But I don't have the slightest idea, I have been surprised so many times. But the game is interesting to me, and at times I have some control. I know for instance that when we get one that has five guest authors and becomes completely independent, they will average over 500 hits per day. I am certain of it.

Pub's Side Note: PRP spending millions by using Push Polling from an organization on the Mainland and has continued lying about Ben Cayetano and many believe without a shred of evidence. Just a phone call. "These ethnics will believe anything." I thought Push Polling was illegal. But lying can help you only temporarily. You will be found out and made to pay.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Devastation in the Bus

And the DOT going on blissfully unaware of the terrible penalties they have inflicted on the users  of public transportation, this is the definition of "discomfort." This, at a time, where throughout the Mainland, their priorities are to get people off their cars and onto public transportation.

Here on Oahu, it is obviously backward. Passengers all thinking the same thing, many out loud. "Boy, when I get my car, I wont have to put up with this crap." This Department of Transportation must be replaced. They are not doing their job. They have failed miserably and they have made the users too, very miserable. Old ladies riding the bus, standing all the way from Waianae to town. Auwe! This is criminal!

New estimate admits that the Rail could go up to 7 billion dollars. But we should already know these people. They are out to make money. Did you hear Romney? If Ben loses, the new price will go to 8 billion dollars for sure.  For them, this is making money the old fashion way, let's face it, by lying and stealing. Ha!

In their ivory towers they have no idea of the misery they are causing and I mean right now. Mazie was going to win it but she lost it now that she is allied with the lying PRP and we already know too much about those lying people. They were able to buy her on the Rail.  Lingle has come out against it because she knows it may bankrupt the state. Sorry Mazie, you got in with the wrong crowd. You and others like me lose

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pulling Ahead

It seem like Dancing in the Dark is pulling ahead of Central Valley and Oahu - West. We have very little contact in Central Valley so that is understandable. We got a little from Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club, but before the "fact" is not as interesting to our reader/dancers than after the "fact."

"We crush the caterpillars then complain because we see no butterflies."

And Oahu - West would have been doing just fine if we had gotten some information and photos from Kapolei Chapter, but hell, everyone is busy. We should have some understanding. Anyone with information and/or photos, send them in. Pearlridge already knows but they are also busy. I will try to make contact with someone to furnish us with information and photos.

But that is happening in the Town blogs too. The available information and photo contributors are too busy. If we had more, the hits would have gone up not down. So we must not blame the ones we do have. At least the blogs are being set up in the right places with the right formats to be filled in by whoever is willing to help.

Dancing in the Dark is rapidly establishing its own kuleana. From the Stadium to Kalihi. This is a nice section with a good group of dancers, with the center right about where Aliamanu Intermediate is located. So the Saturday dances should be covered by this blog.  With the addition of Aliamanu Chapter and Kalihi Chapter, it would do wonders for everyone.

"Speaking of Paul Ryan, a new poll actually found that 42 percent of Americans do not
approve of Mitt Romney's running mate, which isn't too bad considering most Americans
don't approve of Paul Ryan's running mate." ~Jay Leno

Pub's Side Note: Da Bus, the one that use to be pretty close to being good. The PRP and Carlisle, sure messed that one up. Just to try to convince people to go for the Rail. (Billions and Billions of dollars in profits) I had never seen that before, Old ladies standing up from Waianae to town. Now that's criminal. Not enough buses.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Finally beginning to emerge

Dancing in the Dark is finally a hair in front of Central Valley. But it shows spunk, it came from behind. Aliamanu Intermediate for the Saturday dances is going to have to be taken very seriously. At present, that is the dancers central dance point. In that territory, that is where we dance.

"When deeds speak, words are nothing."

Unfortunately, I cannot be there for all of them. Hopefully, there will be someone to eventually contribute some photos and some information. They email it to me and I can make the blog giving them full credit. Easy? Would do everyone some good.

Second is Aliamanu Chapter HBDA because they are already there. I sent an email last week but I received no answer, they may be too busy. Then I have to make contact with Kalihi Chapter HBDA and with those three connections we can send the hits going through the roof.

We can slowly work up a good group of people in this territory. There are, perhaps 500 people are available now. With the total population on record we can come close to some figures. These people will not have to go Down Town all the time. For now they have no choice.

"Earth Angel"   ...   Penguins

Pub's Side Note: Not much advantage to the users of the Bus. Shortage of buses, packed to the gills. Very uncomfortable. Car sales going up, gas prices going up, car repair prices going up, parking in town going up. Maybe with the shortage of buses someone knows what they are doing.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aliamanu School

Had a fairly nice day and was ready to go by five pm. A little early but I can coast a little. The coast was rather clear and nice weather. The bus was a little late, which was not unusual. But the surprising thing was that there was room to find a seat. Somebody in the Department of Transportation screwed up somewhere.
"Things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler."

But I got to the Plaza Hotel bus stop, got on my bike and was at Aliamanu a little after seven. A good crowd, meaning good people just not enough of them. Perhaps some would come later. But then I didn't really feel like dancing.

Went around and around ran into Reggie and gave him his VHS dance tape. Then found a another couple people to give the two movies on VHS. I have more to give away for those people who still have the machine. Then I was able to get a group around the DJ.

Bill Klein, Joss Sangalang, Paul Lee, Reggie Gascon and Rose Loui.

I did have a few dances, one special one was with Rose Loui, who along with her husband, were some of my longest time friends in Hawaii, from the late seventies. Then one of my favorite photos, the reception table if I can get enough people. (Not peas in a pod photo)

Ben, Wayne, Jane, Maurice and Chris, good members of this group.

So I left too early because of the lack of action and I arrived at the Bus stop with a couple drunks sitting on the bench. I did not to wait in that dark space (the city wants to save money) too long, so I decided to try to make the last C bus at the Middle street stop before getting on the freeway.

 "Night Train"   ...   Jimmy Forrest

I went on the lighted side of Nimitz because the other side is spooky, I cannot see very well, and I did not want to take the chance on running into anything. However I ended up on Nimitz, so I had to turn on Puuhale Road and I got to the bus stop at about nine. I am a little out of condition so I was tired.

The "C" bus was late and then had two bikes on a two bike rack. So then, I had to wait until almost 9:30 for the #40 bus and fortunate to get a seat. In a short while it was packed like sardines. One sure way to get people to quit public transportation. I hear them all the time, "Boy, when I get my car, I wont have to put up with this crap!"

Pub's Side Note: "Mitt Romney annoyed the British by saying that London seemed unprepared for the Olympics. You know, putting his foot in his mouth like that is not very presidential. Vice presidential, sure. Yeah, but not presidential." –Jay Leno

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Trip To Town

This one should prove more fruitful as I will be going to a dance. Dance Hawaii is having a big hoedown at the Aliamanu Intermediate Cafeteria and it promises to be good.  They are getting some  good people attending.

Who said, “I’ve spent loads on booze and women, and I frittered the rest away.”

I have my agenda for getting the photos, the reception table should most always be included if I can get at least five people. Then I must find the couple for my "Good People" in the month of November. Two groups of three couples each and I can have the same two in the slide show I will be installing next week on the Dancing in the Dark blog.

Then comes the inevitable collage. Four good photos going around the dance floor and the readers like this. If there is anyone that would like to include their favorite, just email it in and I will post it in the blog. I should have the blog ready by Sunday afternoon. Quotes are always welcome, say something to your fellow dancers. These blogs will become Social Media someday.

"Bye Bye Love"   ...   Everly Brothers

There is an important thing to consider why I "MUST" go to some functions. The ones that are less restrictive are the most fun and I have to record it. People are having fun without being so straight laced that they cannot relax. Then some would rather not have "intruders" and those we can drop like a hot potato.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My trip to town.

Didn't feel like eating much and I did some cleaning up on my computer. Showered early, nice peaceful day out on the Nanakuli Beach. The bus was on time, 11:40 and plenty room for my bike.

"Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do."

I was very pleasantly surprised, only a couple of people standing and a few empty seats. It was looking comfortable. Found an empty seat near the front and had a nice ride all the way to Middle street and Kalihi Transit Center. No way in a million years, the Rail gonna beat that. I was there at 12:30 AM. Got in a hurry to make the 2 bus and I fell down trying to get on the bike near Center and my knee was damaged.

Tried to stop the bleeding on the way to the Dentist at Kokua Kalihi Valley. And the people were their usual very nice. They helped me get my paper work and one of the ladies got me band aid for my knee.Turned out that with all the proposed moving the Dental Office to the new Building, David (my dentist) forgot my teeth at home.

So we made a new appointment for October 30th. There no truth to the rumor of six cases of champagne for the Halloween Party. I was able to get a photo a few office staff for this blog. Then downstairs I met Marina, who I hadn't seen in years and will have more time to talk with her later. Also said hello to Aivao.

Imelda, Dr Breeze, Grace and Jose, looking good. I will get maybe two pics next time.

I  made it out and got my pasteles a couple blocks down. Then a short ride to the Merchandise and no more refried beans. So I got some pinto beans cooked at six cans for $5. good prices. I can fry the beans and mash them and put them in the freezer. Later on I can take them out and "refry" them and  I will have refried beans. Roast Beef cans were only $2.50 each. Bargain.

Waiting for the bus, I noticed my knee was bleeding and I tried to stop it. Limited paper. But I made it to the Alapai Transit Center and a bus driver let me have some paper towels. So waiting for the #93 bus, I was able to slow the bleeding down. Two bikes on the rack so I had to wait for the next bus.

But  I was able to slow down the bleeding with towels. And when I got on the next bus it had almost stopped bleeding while still in town. A young lady then saw my troubles and gave me some band aid and other pads. I put the first pad and it stung, but it must have been doing good. One more time and I could see that is was really slowing down. By the time we got to Aiea. I kept a new bandage with antiseptic and put a band aid on it. Thanked the lady again.

Got home and everything was just fine. Put the pants in a bucket to soak. So how was your day?

Pub's Side Note: "It was crucial that Romney pick a running mate who will help him with the groups he's weak with: women, Hispanics, African Americans, Evangelical Christians – and Republicans."

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Transition

It has been difficult for me too, not for only the reader/dancers. The totals still going down, slowly, but I expect it to stop today. Then perhaps we can look for the regular upswing again.

"When everything’s coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane."

I got one item of interest. The hits in Central Valley are holding up pretty good and there is nothing there. Some one has suggested the influence of the slide show. Perhaps if I remove it,  we could see a slide downward in hits.

The slowest boat to China
But I don't want to do that, so instead I will plan on installing a slide show in Dancing in the Dark. Some people will be in all three, most people will be in two. Some may turn out in one. Perhaps Kalihi people will only be in Dancing in the Dark. We can still get a good group in there with the few from Aliamanu dances.

Ewa Plain (Tumblr format) is doing much better than Westerly (WordPress format)  so perhaps we shall know something by the end of the month. For sure we should know by the end of November. We have one too many blogs, so one of them has got to go. One Guest Author would guarantee that the blog would remain. The hits would go up just naturally. Of course, none of the potential Guest Authors are aware of this.

Friday, October 12, 2012


With our hit plateau at its lowest point, it is time to make some changes. So the first good thing that happened was I recovered the old Dancer - West blog that had been lost because of my email. I signed up again under my regular email, and there it was.

 "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness may have
genius, power, and magic in it and you don't know until you try."

I haven't found out yet how to change the name, but I came across the way to insert a header. So I made one up for the new name, "Ewa Plain." Anybody from Oahu knows just about the territory that it will be covering. And it is destined for a big one, Makana Alii is starting up.

Then Da Blogosphere was just not cutting it. I came across some good comments on the original Dancing in the Dark, mini zine. The territory has been arising in conversations, the immediate area West of Honolulu. From the Stadium to Kalihi, perfect because it includes Aliamanu Intermediate as a good central location. And I go with the flow.

That changed Oahu - West to covering the territory from Makaha to the Stadium, good enough. Specially that Aiea to Pearl City is showing signs of opening up to social dancing. We have the opportunity to help Pearlridge Chapter HBDA in that section.

So Rome was not built in a day, what else is new?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Plot Thickens

Wow, it is getting nice. There is so much information that I am getting somewhat confused. For an old man there is too much to do. But I will try to move this over onto other people. The first is the Information Contributors and the Photo Contributors. Both very essential to make this entire enchilada into Social Media.

 "For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism."

There are several blogs and you will probably wish to contribute to any one of them. All you need is an Email address and your information is your information and very few will have the same information. That is your own opinion and that is what makes the blogs into Social Media. Stands to reason. The Guest Author that receives it will find somewhere to publish and the reader/dancers will read it. That is what makes our world go round.

"Stranger In Paradise"   ... The Four Aces

We just deleted Sea Country blog but that blog was before its time. And we have two others that are in different formats. Dance - West in Tumblr format and Westerly in Word Press format.  We are just testing the grounds and some decisions may change.

For the West, it is becoming comfortable for a nightclub dance floor of 400 sq ft, (a two car garage) to be about minimum. It should accomodate about 150 social recreational dancers, assuming that some will not be dancing all the time.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting a little complicated.

But it is good that the blogosphere is at the bottom of the swing in hits. Should be going up by tonight. But now I wanted more blogs, including Microblogs and no one really knows if it does any good. I had no choice but to try and I am sure going to find out.

That's what she said. "You know I wouldn't say anything
unless it is good, and Oh Boy, is this good!"

Some have no hit counters or links so I will look for an excuse to delete them. The others will see an upsurge in hits I am sure. Now what exactly will be causing it? I have diluted the readership and I will have to guess at a lot. Town Dancer is in the 200s. Honolulu Dance Guide is over 150 and Oahu And Beyond is at about 100. None of the others are close to 50 yet. But in a couple of months the hits will tell the tale. I will then drop all the microblogs with no links or counters and see what happens.

By then I should have a good steady information and photo contributor, that is sure to send the hits up in whatever blog they choose. The one they choose will go up over the 50 hits per day and set it up for more. If anyone knows anything about blogging it is going to be me in the school of hard knocks.

"My Coloring Book"   ...   Andy Williams

When we get a couple of Guest Authors that can show others how easy it is, I can start the planning the independence of the biggest blogs. Town Dancer and Oahu And Beyond blogs. Then I can dedicate myself to West Oahu and that is coming soon.

Pub's Side Note: On the island of Oahu, the #93 bus can pick me up in Nanakuli at 7:20 and leave me off in downtown at 8:20. The Rail ain't gonna beat that in a million years even if it costs more than the mentioned 10 billion. Now a "tandem bus" mo bettah. Two more "tandem buses" and four more "C" buses and no need for Rail. Think of all the people they would be taking off the freeway. No need go find a special station in Kapolei, that cost billions. Just get the bus right around the corner like you always done. Dumb Dodos, use your head, Red!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Information Contributor

The most important person in our type of blogging is the information and photo contributor. But definitely not in contributing reference material. This definition is very slowly coming out and soon we will have our Guest Author.

"No one is listening until you make a mistake."

Dictionaries, I have access to five of the best in the entire world on my computer through the Internet and a Thesaurus equally accessible. How about quotes, perhaps 50000 of them available on the Internet, divided into perhaps 300 different categories., Jokes the same, 100 thousand and also divided by categories. This is for most reference material. Photos, I have people that have offered my use of their photos in Flicker, about 10000 and/or Photobucket, another 10000 photos. That is all reference material.

"A Lovely Night"   ...   Julie Andrews

So what is an information contributor. How about a carefully quoted article (two or three paragraphs) from some Dance publication, that would be nice.  How about that special photo of you and five of your good friends at a dance function. The difference is in the direct input from the information contributor to the reader/dancers. The "to whom it may concern" type of communication is reserved for dance newsletters, email flyers and web sites and they do their job well.

But most of our information contributors will mention what happened during their time at whatever function they are covering. And most of it is interesting, not only for the people that were not there, but also for the people that were there. Because, the view from their part of the ballroom is not the same as from your part  of the ballroom. The differences on everything that is reported on dancing is what make a blog. And we certainly are getting there.

"Dancing Fool"    ...   Tony and Company

Then most are afraid of the commitment. There is a little but certainly not that much. We have people still on as Guest Authors and have not written in ages, up to them. We don't have any requirements. It should be completely up to them.

Pub's Side Note:  Work hard and you will prosper, the premise of the American Dream, that has nurtured our nation and changed the world. But the American Dream has seen better days. The widening gap between rich and poor suggests the Dream is becoming more elusive for more people than at any other time in our history. Conservative mogul, Sheldon Adelson, who is accustomed to buying whatever he wants, said he is willing spend $100 billion to beat Obama. He can buy an awful lot of people even if they are not present members of "the party of the rich."

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Plateau

It happens now and then when the entire enchilada stops gaining hits, however it seems to be holding above 400 average hits per day which isn't bad. Of course, I get greedy and I must see it go back up to at least 433 per day. That would be the equivalent of 13000 hits per month. Delovely. Delightful.

 "I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out."

The only one that is still up in the stratosphere is Honolulu Dance Guide which covers the night club scene very nicely. They have not only opened my eyes but also the eyes of a lot of Rootzi Tootzis that believed that the dance world was theirs.

"My Way"   ...   Frank Sinatra

And there are a helluva lot more dancers on this Island than my original estimate. This includes the North Shore and the Windward Coast. My original estimate was one percent which is in the neighborhood of 10000 dancers. But I have revised it to twice that amount, so it is closer to 20000 total dancers on this Island. So a minimum size dance floor will be established and the smaller ones only for club dancers or exhibition dancers.

This is dancing some type of social dance, in couples or alone such as line or disco types. And this also includes all ages. The younger in the more athletic type of dances even in partner dances such as Salsa and Swing. The accepted dances will be determined by the dancers with the help of some kind of playlist controlled by the DJ. So there will be no Paso Doble, no Quickstep, and no Viennese Waltz. But there will others that are being included now. Social Dance is in process of being defined.

The Night Club scene will be changing because more of the regular social dancers will be attending. The Clubs will learn, not to run their clubs according to "their" preset rules, but to accomodate to what attracts the dancers, all the dancers. The bar tab will no longer be the main stay for income. For a long time now, in places where it was prudent not to raise the price of alcoholic drinks, they added a cover charge.

That cover charge will have to go up but the price of drinks must come down. Eight dollars for a beer is strictly for the elite, not for the common dancer. Raise the price higher and the consumption of beer will come to a screeching halt. This is mostly basic. Then of course is the introduction of the Juice Bar. People that dance get thirsty and juice is much more palitable than water.  They will buy it if it is offered, but you must offer first.