Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Trip To Town

This one should prove more fruitful as I will be going to a dance. Dance Hawaii is having a big hoedown at the Aliamanu Intermediate Cafeteria and it promises to be good.  They are getting some  good people attending.

Who said, “I’ve spent loads on booze and women, and I frittered the rest away.”

I have my agenda for getting the photos, the reception table should most always be included if I can get at least five people. Then I must find the couple for my "Good People" in the month of November. Two groups of three couples each and I can have the same two in the slide show I will be installing next week on the Dancing in the Dark blog.

Then comes the inevitable collage. Four good photos going around the dance floor and the readers like this. If there is anyone that would like to include their favorite, just email it in and I will post it in the blog. I should have the blog ready by Sunday afternoon. Quotes are always welcome, say something to your fellow dancers. These blogs will become Social Media someday.

"Bye Bye Love"   ...   Everly Brothers

There is an important thing to consider why I "MUST" go to some functions. The ones that are less restrictive are the most fun and I have to record it. People are having fun without being so straight laced that they cannot relax. Then some would rather not have "intruders" and those we can drop like a hot potato.

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