Friday, October 12, 2012


With our hit plateau at its lowest point, it is time to make some changes. So the first good thing that happened was I recovered the old Dancer - West blog that had been lost because of my email. I signed up again under my regular email, and there it was.

 "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness may have
genius, power, and magic in it and you don't know until you try."

I haven't found out yet how to change the name, but I came across the way to insert a header. So I made one up for the new name, "Ewa Plain." Anybody from Oahu knows just about the territory that it will be covering. And it is destined for a big one, Makana Alii is starting up.

Then Da Blogosphere was just not cutting it. I came across some good comments on the original Dancing in the Dark, mini zine. The territory has been arising in conversations, the immediate area West of Honolulu. From the Stadium to Kalihi, perfect because it includes Aliamanu Intermediate as a good central location. And I go with the flow.

That changed Oahu - West to covering the territory from Makaha to the Stadium, good enough. Specially that Aiea to Pearl City is showing signs of opening up to social dancing. We have the opportunity to help Pearlridge Chapter HBDA in that section.

So Rome was not built in a day, what else is new?

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