Saturday, October 27, 2012

Devastation in the Bus

And the DOT going on blissfully unaware of the terrible penalties they have inflicted on the users  of public transportation, this is the definition of "discomfort." This, at a time, where throughout the Mainland, their priorities are to get people off their cars and onto public transportation.

Here on Oahu, it is obviously backward. Passengers all thinking the same thing, many out loud. "Boy, when I get my car, I wont have to put up with this crap." This Department of Transportation must be replaced. They are not doing their job. They have failed miserably and they have made the users too, very miserable. Old ladies riding the bus, standing all the way from Waianae to town. Auwe! This is criminal!

New estimate admits that the Rail could go up to 7 billion dollars. But we should already know these people. They are out to make money. Did you hear Romney? If Ben loses, the new price will go to 8 billion dollars for sure.  For them, this is making money the old fashion way, let's face it, by lying and stealing. Ha!

In their ivory towers they have no idea of the misery they are causing and I mean right now. Mazie was going to win it but she lost it now that she is allied with the lying PRP and we already know too much about those lying people. They were able to buy her on the Rail.  Lingle has come out against it because she knows it may bankrupt the state. Sorry Mazie, you got in with the wrong crowd. You and others like me lose