Monday, October 22, 2012

Finally beginning to emerge

Dancing in the Dark is finally a hair in front of Central Valley. But it shows spunk, it came from behind. Aliamanu Intermediate for the Saturday dances is going to have to be taken very seriously. At present, that is the dancers central dance point. In that territory, that is where we dance.

"When deeds speak, words are nothing."

Unfortunately, I cannot be there for all of them. Hopefully, there will be someone to eventually contribute some photos and some information. They email it to me and I can make the blog giving them full credit. Easy? Would do everyone some good.

Second is Aliamanu Chapter HBDA because they are already there. I sent an email last week but I received no answer, they may be too busy. Then I have to make contact with Kalihi Chapter HBDA and with those three connections we can send the hits going through the roof.

We can slowly work up a good group of people in this territory. There are, perhaps 500 people are available now. With the total population on record we can come close to some figures. These people will not have to go Down Town all the time. For now they have no choice.

"Earth Angel"   ...   Penguins

Pub's Side Note: Not much advantage to the users of the Bus. Shortage of buses, packed to the gills. Very uncomfortable. Car sales going up, gas prices going up, car repair prices going up, parking in town going up. Maybe with the shortage of buses someone knows what they are doing.