Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting a little complicated.

But it is good that the blogosphere is at the bottom of the swing in hits. Should be going up by tonight. But now I wanted more blogs, including Microblogs and no one really knows if it does any good. I had no choice but to try and I am sure going to find out.

That's what she said. "You know I wouldn't say anything
unless it is good, and Oh Boy, is this good!"

Some have no hit counters or links so I will look for an excuse to delete them. The others will see an upsurge in hits I am sure. Now what exactly will be causing it? I have diluted the readership and I will have to guess at a lot. Town Dancer is in the 200s. Honolulu Dance Guide is over 150 and Oahu And Beyond is at about 100. None of the others are close to 50 yet. But in a couple of months the hits will tell the tale. I will then drop all the microblogs with no links or counters and see what happens.

By then I should have a good steady information and photo contributor, that is sure to send the hits up in whatever blog they choose. The one they choose will go up over the 50 hits per day and set it up for more. If anyone knows anything about blogging it is going to be me in the school of hard knocks.

"My Coloring Book"   ...   Andy Williams

When we get a couple of Guest Authors that can show others how easy it is, I can start the planning the independence of the biggest blogs. Town Dancer and Oahu And Beyond blogs. Then I can dedicate myself to West Oahu and that is coming soon.

Pub's Side Note: On the island of Oahu, the #93 bus can pick me up in Nanakuli at 7:20 and leave me off in downtown at 8:20. The Rail ain't gonna beat that in a million years even if it costs more than the mentioned 10 billion. Now a "tandem bus" mo bettah. Two more "tandem buses" and four more "C" buses and no need for Rail. Think of all the people they would be taking off the freeway. No need go find a special station in Kapolei, that cost billions. Just get the bus right around the corner like you always done. Dumb Dodos, use your head, Red!

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