Monday, October 29, 2012

Month pre-recap

It is going nicely but I do not really know what the results will be. I have added more blogs mainly to experiment in the dilution of the readership. Then I am taking this opportunity to help all the anti-rail people out there wanting to get Ben Cayetano elected Mayor. Does any one know what would happen if they replaced all the buses on the #40 line with tandem buses? Thousands riding and off the freeways and streets. Not the horrible mess we have now. The Department of Transportation suspects but the big big bucks are not there and the hell with those "ethnics."

"As I grow older there has been an alarming increase
in the number of things I know nothing about."

One of the best governors we have ever had would be for sure the best mayor we ever had. I did not say perfect and just said the best. For all you perfect people out there, I feel for you. So the results of my blogs will be in shortly after the election. The Romney people have purchased a very large block of voters and some is occurring in Hawaii too. One of the billionaires has stated publicly that he was willing to pay 100 million to defeat Obama and he is accustomed to buying people.

"Your Cheatin' Heart"   ...   Hank Williams

So we have too many blogs and the hits will tell the tale. Of course if we get a guest author or two, that will make a big difference as to which one stays. The hits will be there. Some are territorially bound which may or may not help. I do not know. But then nobody else knows either, so I have to find out the only way I know how.

Town Dancer remains on top followed by Oahu and Beyond. They are head and shoulders above the crowd. Dancing in the Dark, Central Valley and Oahu - West are struggling in the 34 average hits per day (1000 per month) The rest are out in left field.

I intend to give them time, but they must beat Nanakuli Ridge which is my own personal neighborhood blog and will take some doing. Nanakuli Ridge averages about 16-17 hit per day. So any of the others that hit over that, are almost certainly in. If not they are almost certainly out. I may include them all in the end of the month stats.

The are in order of hits from the top down. Ewa Plain, Nikaawa's Space, Dancer Not and Da Reel Teeng. But I don't have the slightest idea, I have been surprised so many times. But the game is interesting to me, and at times I have some control. I know for instance that when we get one that has five guest authors and becomes completely independent, they will average over 500 hits per day. I am certain of it.

Pub's Side Note: PRP spending millions by using Push Polling from an organization on the Mainland and has continued lying about Ben Cayetano and many believe without a shred of evidence. Just a phone call. "These ethnics will believe anything." I thought Push Polling was illegal. But lying can help you only temporarily. You will be found out and made to pay.

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