Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Scramble

The stats for the beginning of the month are screwy. Not much matches and we have a big junk hitter latched on to four of the blogs. I have complained to Google but I don't know if they can do anything about it.

 “In theory, theory is the same as practice,
but it is not the same in practice.”

Town Dancer is no longer at the top. It has been dethroned by the Honolulu Dance Guide and it stands to reason. So many of their readers are not International style competition dancers. Night club dancer floors that have room for only have five to ten couples are not exactly the place to dance Quick Step. I have never, ever seen Paso Doble on a club dance floor, nor a Viennese Waltz. Club people are not fooling around, they come to dance. So this is all coming out very naturally. No hu hu, just so we all know where we stand.

The West is plodding along, very slowly but surely. Then we have several micro blogs that are there to help the other blogs only. With time they will  not be needed. And we can develop that one special hobbyist that can learn "Blogger." Then he or she may help make changes in the other blogs when they need or want it.

The two helping Micros (Dancer - West and Waianae Coast) are helping to fan the bushes in the West all the way to Makaha. They will no longer be needed when we have two dance clubs on the Waianae Coast. One in Nanakuli - Lualualei and the other in Waianae. Then others can be doing something similar on the North Shore.

Pub's Side Note: FAST (Flexible Affordable, Smart Transportation) seems to be the best new plan ever devise on the island of Oahu. Takes into consideration "comfortable," other plans have many other criteria (like big profits.) "Comfortable" is not a known factor by the transportation experts. Getting the people off of their cars and onto public transportation should be the primary motivating factor throughout the world. We got too many cars. In Honolulu that have it backwards, the "proof in the pudding."