Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Information Contributor

The most important person in our type of blogging is the information and photo contributor. But definitely not in contributing reference material. This definition is very slowly coming out and soon we will have our Guest Author.

"No one is listening until you make a mistake."

Dictionaries, I have access to five of the best in the entire world on my computer through the Internet and a Thesaurus equally accessible. How about quotes, perhaps 50000 of them available on the Internet, divided into perhaps 300 different categories., Jokes the same, 100 thousand and also divided by categories. This is for most reference material. Photos, I have people that have offered my use of their photos in Flicker, about 10000 and/or Photobucket, another 10000 photos. That is all reference material.

"A Lovely Night"   ...   Julie Andrews

So what is an information contributor. How about a carefully quoted article (two or three paragraphs) from some Dance publication, that would be nice.  How about that special photo of you and five of your good friends at a dance function. The difference is in the direct input from the information contributor to the reader/dancers. The "to whom it may concern" type of communication is reserved for dance newsletters, email flyers and web sites and they do their job well.

But most of our information contributors will mention what happened during their time at whatever function they are covering. And most of it is interesting, not only for the people that were not there, but also for the people that were there. Because, the view from their part of the ballroom is not the same as from your part  of the ballroom. The differences on everything that is reported on dancing is what make a blog. And we certainly are getting there.

"Dancing Fool"    ...   Tony and Company

Then most are afraid of the commitment. There is a little but certainly not that much. We have people still on as Guest Authors and have not written in ages, up to them. We don't have any requirements. It should be completely up to them.

Pub's Side Note:  Work hard and you will prosper, the premise of the American Dream, that has nurtured our nation and changed the world. But the American Dream has seen better days. The widening gap between rich and poor suggests the Dream is becoming more elusive for more people than at any other time in our history. Conservative mogul, Sheldon Adelson, who is accustomed to buying whatever he wants, said he is willing spend $100 billion to beat Obama. He can buy an awful lot of people even if they are not present members of "the party of the rich."

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