Monday, October 1, 2012

The Month in Review

The progress is still there. We got rid of most of the junk hitters but some are still around. This means clearer results in our hit counters. Fortunately the totals are going up slowly but surely.

That's what she said:  "My husband and I divorced over religious
differences. He thought he was God and I didn’t."

Town Dancer is naturally in the lead and heading for 200 average hits per day. One Guest Author would guarantee the possibility of 233 per day which is seven thousand hits per month. The stats available from Google point to Russia, Germany and India but those are mostly junk hitters. The one most serious in the Pacific Basin is the Philippines. There is a sprinkling on the neighbor islands but they seem to prefer keeping it all to themselves. This will continue to evolve. At any rate, one more good Guest Author and I will begin phasing my way out and pave the way for their independence. They will in turn run the hits up into the stratosphere, I am sure.

"Somewhere, My Love"   ...   Placido Domingo

Honolulu Dance Guide, a newcomer catering mostly to the club dancer is in second place and doing very well. They are finding so many people that have been turned off of the "Ballroom" dance scene by the Rootzi Tootzis. When the Rootzi Tootzis began to refer to the "junk dancers" out loud, the die was cast.  So it is only natural, that the readership of Honolulu Dance Guide is growing and will include many club dancers in the neighbor islands. This may include the entire Pacific Basin, people that have been turned off by Ballroom Dancing. Their additional advantage is that they have so many terrific dancers in that group.

"Makes No Difference"   ...   Vic Damone

Oahu And Beyond is firmly in third place. Like Town Dancer it desperately needs to get a Guest Author to move much beyond where it is now. With two more Guest Authors it can also get ready for independence. It also has an advantage that is still in very slow process, the contact with the neighbor islands. That exchange of information is coming and will be of importance to all of us.

"Rhythm Is Our Business"   ...   Billy May

The others count of course but are still in process. All in the West, so most thinking is still town. With a few more dancing nightclubs in the West plus a Good place for the social dance clubs to use, it will begin to roll. There are no Dance Studios in the West teaching our kind of dance. From the stats you can see that the next blog to emerge will be Oahu - West. Just waiting for that one Guest Author and it will move.

The ones that are over 400 average per day are not included, those that have less than twenty are immaterial, except those connected to me and serve as lower balance.

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