Friday, October 5, 2012

The Plateau

It happens now and then when the entire enchilada stops gaining hits, however it seems to be holding above 400 average hits per day which isn't bad. Of course, I get greedy and I must see it go back up to at least 433 per day. That would be the equivalent of 13000 hits per month. Delovely. Delightful.

 "I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out."

The only one that is still up in the stratosphere is Honolulu Dance Guide which covers the night club scene very nicely. They have not only opened my eyes but also the eyes of a lot of Rootzi Tootzis that believed that the dance world was theirs.

"My Way"   ...   Frank Sinatra

And there are a helluva lot more dancers on this Island than my original estimate. This includes the North Shore and the Windward Coast. My original estimate was one percent which is in the neighborhood of 10000 dancers. But I have revised it to twice that amount, so it is closer to 20000 total dancers on this Island. So a minimum size dance floor will be established and the smaller ones only for club dancers or exhibition dancers.

This is dancing some type of social dance, in couples or alone such as line or disco types. And this also includes all ages. The younger in the more athletic type of dances even in partner dances such as Salsa and Swing. The accepted dances will be determined by the dancers with the help of some kind of playlist controlled by the DJ. So there will be no Paso Doble, no Quickstep, and no Viennese Waltz. But there will others that are being included now. Social Dance is in process of being defined.

The Night Club scene will be changing because more of the regular social dancers will be attending. The Clubs will learn, not to run their clubs according to "their" preset rules, but to accomodate to what attracts the dancers, all the dancers. The bar tab will no longer be the main stay for income. For a long time now, in places where it was prudent not to raise the price of alcoholic drinks, they added a cover charge.

That cover charge will have to go up but the price of drinks must come down. Eight dollars for a beer is strictly for the elite, not for the common dancer. Raise the price higher and the consumption of beer will come to a screeching halt. This is mostly basic. Then of course is the introduction of the Juice Bar. People that dance get thirsty and juice is much more palitable than water.  They will buy it if it is offered, but you must offer first.

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