Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Plot Thickens

Wow, it is getting nice. There is so much information that I am getting somewhat confused. For an old man there is too much to do. But I will try to move this over onto other people. The first is the Information Contributors and the Photo Contributors. Both very essential to make this entire enchilada into Social Media.

 "For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism."

There are several blogs and you will probably wish to contribute to any one of them. All you need is an Email address and your information is your information and very few will have the same information. That is your own opinion and that is what makes the blogs into Social Media. Stands to reason. The Guest Author that receives it will find somewhere to publish and the reader/dancers will read it. That is what makes our world go round.

"Stranger In Paradise"   ... The Four Aces

We just deleted Sea Country blog but that blog was before its time. And we have two others that are in different formats. Dance - West in Tumblr format and Westerly in Word Press format.  We are just testing the grounds and some decisions may change.

For the West, it is becoming comfortable for a nightclub dance floor of 400 sq ft, (a two car garage) to be about minimum. It should accomodate about 150 social recreational dancers, assuming that some will not be dancing all the time.

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