Saturday, November 3, 2012

From Civic Beat

Civil Beat recently analyzed the amount of money PRP reported spending on television advertising during the current election season. There appeared to be a difference between what was in PRP’s campaign finance reports and what the group was actually spending with local television stations.

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We cross-referenced PRP’s itemized campaign spending expense reports with contracts and ledgers obtained from local TV stations — Hawaii News Now, KHON and KITV — and Oceanic Time Warner Cable.

These documents are required to be made public under Federal Communications Commission rules, and Civil Beat has been tracking them as part of our ongoing project — The Public File — that keeps a tally of all the television advertising dollars being spent on local elections.

What we found is that PRP told the Campaign Spending Commission that it spent around $1.1 million on television advertising from Jan. 1 to Oct. 22. But that amount falls short when compared to the information we gathered from the TV stations. According to those documents, PRP spent more than $2 million on advertising.

PRP refused to comment for this story or answer questions about the reports. PRP also refused to share any of its records that might explain the discrepancies.  *  *  *  *

Pub's Side Note: Everybody is slowly learning the crooks are all together with Kirk Caldwell. Dan Inouye is finding some of mud spilling over on him. And they are paying plenty others, left and right. Just ask Romney, people can be bought. There are billions and billions of dollars in profits in the Rail, whether anyone needs it or not.