Sunday, November 25, 2012

HBDA Review

Saturday was a nice day in Nanakuli, plenty of people walking around, that I can see from my third story apartment. The few tenant friends that I met up in the hallways were in nice mood too. And I got ready in time.

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat."

The bus was there a little late but not bad, and not too overcrowded which was a surprise. Plenty of time to meditate, and think over what I had to do, like what photos I had to take. Also hoping I could get some as Information and Photo contributors set up and not to forget the "Good People" for the month of December .

I got there early, no one there but a couple of police cars stopped nearby. Then the custodian opened up and I parked my bike and left the briefcase on a table. Went over to Longs and bought a box of candies with six boxes. Came back and some people were already there getting the place ready.

Gave the boxes to the people on the reception desk, Joseph and Janet Simpliciano and asked for their help to distribute them. More people were starting to arrive. Then the Intermediate Dance review by instructors Mark and Patsy Dela Cruz began and I was asked to partner one of the ladies. New moves for me but can be learned. But my partner did very well.

John Ramos was taking pictures and I asked him to send some in to be published in this blog. Since my camera was pretty bad, only one photo survived reasonably well. I hope he sends a few so I can fill up this blog. Otherwise graphics will have to do.

"Eres Todo En Mi"   ...   Ana Gabriel

They had another class and then the ono kau kau. I thought I had some nice photos but sorry. Left in time to get my bus but it was a little late. Lucky to get a seat, the #40 is a "cattle car." Someday, they will treat people like human beings and a little respect for comfort. But certainly not with this administration, tough, they are bent on the Rail, the people be damned, - Big, Big, Bucks in profits.

Long dreary ride back to Nanakuli, so many uncomfortable people, and everyone on the bus knows that we need more buses, not a rail.  One quote, "Boy, when I get my car, I won't have to put up with this crap." So many organizations on the mainland looking for ways to get people off the cars and onto public transportation. In Hawaii, we are forty years behind, it is the opposite. I dropped in at Sack N Save for a few things and I was home about ten. Not too bad.

Pub's Side Note: We sure need a couple of your favorite photos to share with our fellow dancers. And for you people taking up competition style dancing, check up on Calvin Ota's latest blog in Town Dancer. Yes, I know, tough act to follow.