Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's Moving

Ever so slowly, but the entire enchilada is moving up all by itself. Our dancers may not that computer literate which is just fine if they never had the need. However, they are slowly learning the ropes to reading our blogs. They are dancers and when they are not dancing they may be interesting in reading about dancing and their fellow dancers.
"Those of us in our older ages, realize clearly that you only live once.
But if you do it at least half right, once is enough."

You will all see that our regular bloggers blog once or twice a month. There are no rules that say how many times per month one blogs. It helps that we get occasional contributors of information but most are deathly afraid of commitments and we cannot blame them. We provide the platform for our fellow dancers and they can use it whenever they damn well please.

Traffic generation isn't a black art - it's something which largely relies on common sense and methods which can be replicated with consistent results. The reason people usually fail in their traffic generation efforts is that they don't really believe or truly commit to making traffic generation techniques a fully integrated part of their blogging strategy.

You need to create a plan for driving traffic. Think of it as a road map; follow it, but remember that it's not carved in stone. Your plan can and should evolve to reflect your real life experience and results. Continually test and track the results of your traffic generation efforts - and adjust your plan accordingly. Already we have two, maybe three groups that are conspiring to sabotage our efforts, but there is no stopping the blogs, make no mistake.

Set goals for yourself and as you meet them, raise the bar; traffic generation is a process, not a single objective. Don't be discouraged if you don't see results immediately. Remember that driving traffic begins with building your site - Why is this? Because your site should be built from the ground up with visitors in mind and in our case our fellow islander dancers. Look at other sites on the mainland to gain an understanding of patterns of visitor behavior. For us the entire enchilada is new. We have very few guidelines on the islands but we are getting there.

Pub's Side Note: Through these blogs read the most informed cultural dancers in the Pacific.