Thursday, November 1, 2012

Los Angeles, Bus and Rail

In Los Angeles

The Gold Line Bus opened in 2003, The capital cost of the Bus line was $349 million. The Bus line was expected to start out at 5,000 to 7,500 average weekday boardings, growing to 22,000 by 2020. It actually achieved the 2020 goal by its seventh month. It got people off the streets and freeways.  It became obvious that people preferred buses if they are more accessible and comfortable, and it stands to reason, everyone on Oahu is the same way. This does not include the ones in the ivory towers or the Liars going for the Big Big Profits, and we are talking Billions and Billions of dollars.

The Orange Line Rail opened in 2005. The Rail cost was $859 million, more than twice as much, they were lucky it was only that.  Each is about 14 miles long, and each has 13 stations, about a mile apart. The Rail, by contrast, was supposed to start off with "expert" estimates of 30,000 weekday boardings and double that by 2023. But its actual ridership has been lower than that of the BRT line—well below projections. How about that?

San Francisco built their rail, then found out that not very many people willing to go to all that trouble to get to.  The bus was still right around the corner where they got it all the time. The high maintenance cost was disappointing and then it looked terrible. They went through a lot of hassle and finally tore it down. Now beautiful San Francisco again, more buses, comfortable riding and looking better all  the time. Hey, now they know what they are doing.

Some people in Honolulu are only thinking (and lying) of the big big bucks they are going make in the biggest rip off in the Pacific Basin. “The hell with the people, we’re talking bottom line here.” Linda Lingle, who knows state financing says Hawaii can go bankrupt. The outer islands don't know yet, but they may be asked to pay too. Like everyone else on Oahu they will have been taken by the liars. (their special the target, Ben, not a shred of evidence.) And somebody is going  to make billions and billions of dollars in profits. Guess who?