Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Reps don't listen

Our reps do not listen to the people that ride the buses. They listen only to the ones that
"know better" the ones with the big bucks. Tough.

Now, the Chinese are building new kinds of buses. They have all the data available.
The Articulated bus, (with trailer) was very succesful in the smaller cities. Now
the Bi-Articulated bus (two tandems) is proving five times more effective
than rail in cities bigger than Honolulu.

Added bonus: from the Chinese data, the Bi-Articulated buses are proving to be
ten times cheaper than the rail. How about that? Ann Kobayashi is proving to be
head and shoulders above all the others on the City Council in her knowledge
of transit and in doing good for the people on this Island.
Pub's Side Note: Dan Inouye is denying his involvement with John White, the PRP and
their lying campaigns against Ben Cayetano. And some people believe him. And we
are stuck with that kind of mayor, Caldwell. It is coming out.

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