Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Now we must wait for the results. We think many people woke up in time.  Ben will win but it will be close when it should have been in a landslide. Dark Money (tons of it undisclosed) from the Mainland people that are looking to get in on the gravy train. There have never been this many lies. This plus locals, all going for the billions and billions of dollars in profits from the rail.

 The best transit plan ever devised for the Island of Oahu for
the people, without caving in to the Big Bucks.

The hits on the blogs went up about 100 average per day. So we had plenty of dancers interested in the politics of "stealing." The hits will be coming down after the election. But of course, we have made many connections with people that are aware of the trap of the rail. So we still have work to do to get enough buses to fix the disaster that has been allowed by Carlisle, Yoshioka and Morton. Those people must go.

Chinese buses coming out with "extra leg room" apparently acknowledging the
existence of human beings riding the buses. Not on Oahu. Here they are still cattle,
just take a look out the window at a passing bus. That is our Department of
Transportation, Our present city Administration. Auwe!
They must be replaced by people that are aware that the users of Public Transportation are human beings. Obviously not true with the present administration. We can see the evidence in all the "cattle" cars out there. Tourists are taking the news of our bus disaster back to their home cities. Our representatives on the Waianae Coast haven't the slightest clue. They have been very nicely brainwashed by the "big money" people.

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