Thursday, November 29, 2012

Street Dance

By Jerome Malagapo, Kalihi

Street Dance has carried over into Cultural dancing even though most of it is no longer learned in the streets. Much of it on Oahu is learned in house parties and local night clubs. And for a person to learn, he or she must be around friends. It is strictly a social affair.

"I may not be there yet, but today I am closer than I was yesterday."

It is somewhat uncomfortable to learn a partner dance if they are accustomed to free dancing in a singular fashion. So the hold becomes important in the beginning. The general rule is the partners stand about six inches apart.

Later on, it just comes naturally. Good posture and a firm hold are the two most important features in social dance. A couple will gradually phase into moving as one, striving for a smooth and relaxed motion across the floor.

"Anniversary Song"   ...   Al Jolson

Those that have taken advantage of line dancing already have an appreciation of the music and the many steps and movements to each style of music. So partner dancing becomes the learning of good hold position, and learning the lead and follow.

Yes, there is a slight difference in each one of those sectors. However, you will have good and bad examples all around you. Take a good look, you can learn a lot from just looking. One looks sloppy, you don't want to do. One looks nice, you want to do. That is cultural dancing.

An added feature for learning is at one of your local social dance clubs. Besides learning new movements, you will be practicing your "hold," and you will both get better and more relaxed with time. Meeting new people is icing on the cake and you will find the whole process enjoyable as you progress from beginner to intermediate. You will realize that this is "biggah than the bode of us."
"Cool Water"   ...   Vaughn Monroe

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